World Women’s Championships

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The WTBA World Women's Championships have completed the 6-game Singles event on short oil pattern, the 6-game Doubles,

Singles Gold Jacqueline Sijore, Malaysia

run on medium oil and the first three-game block of the Trios.

The scores have been the highest in World Championship history with records set in each and every discipline.

A glimpse of amazing things to come came from Singapore's Shayna Ng when she posted 1601 over her six games in Singles, an outstanding 266 average and a championship record beating even that from the men, Remy Ong posting 1584. Unfortunately for her she was defeated in the semi-final by Jacqueline Sijore of Malaysia, so had to settle for a bronze medal. Sijore went on to defeat Son Yun-Hee of Korea in the title match and the other bronze medal was clinched by Mai Ginge Jensen of Denmark.

The Doubles event, on medium oil, saw American domination with a record qualifying set of 2901 over the six games by Carolyn

All Events leader Mai Ginge Jensen

Dorin-Ballard and Kelly Kulick, with Shannon Pluhowsky and Liz Johnson finishing fourth way behind with 2780. Another record, 1536 beat the men's record 1514 and the top score of 2901 was only five pins short of the men.

In the play-offs, it was Ballard/Kulick against Pluhowsky/Johnson in the first semi-final, Denmark's Kamilla Kje;dsen and Mai Ginge Jensen facing Singapore's New Hui-fen and Jazreel Tan in the other.

Gold medalists Pluhowsky & Johnson

Pluhowsky/Johnson won their final place with a win over their team-mates and Singaporeans Hui-Fen/Tan made up the duo for the final. Denmark and the other American pair settled for bronze.

The Americans clinched their first gold of this year's Championships and Singapore took silver.

Wednesday saw the first block of Trios and it was Japan 1 at the top of the leader board at the halfway stage, posting 2109. Korea 2 placed second with 2099 and Denmark once again in the frame, this time in third with 2065.

Favorites for the title, the United States line-ups of Stephanie Nation, Shannon Pluhowsky and Shannon O'Keefe then Carolyn Dorin-Ballard, Liz Johnson and Kelly Kulick saw the threesome in fifth and seventh respectively.

Another record breaking score came from the Korean 2 trio, feasting on the lane pattern to hit 4232 over their six games and

Trios Gold for USA

lead the pack.

Come the semi-finals and final and USA 1 clinched gold with 631 to Japan 1's 605, therefore bronze medals to Korea 2 and USA 2.

Incredible bowling once again in the fives with Denmark once again setting for winning ways to lead after the first three games with 3419, ably helped along by Britt Brondsted's 300 game, although not beating the men's record 3561. Then only twelve pins separated the next four places with Singapore 3377, Korea 3372, Germany 3368 but setting a male-beating record 1262 opening game, Colombia 3365, then unusually USA sixth 3338.

Saturday sees the final three games of team, then the semi-finals and final.

Also, the All Events medals can be awarded. Current leaders in medal positions are Mai Ginge Jensen, Denmark; Caroline Lagrange, Canada and Shannon Pluhowsky, United States.

After a lack of success during the last two women's world championships the United States team were most definitely dedicated to taking team gold and after the dust had settled after the six qualifying games they emerged in fourth place, to be matched against leaders Germany for the semi-finals. Germany posted 6750 to top the leader board and Singapore were second with 6675. Singapore will play their semi-final match against Colombia which were third on 6662.

Germany's 6750 turned out to be yet another record for six games, even eclipsing the men's record of 6618.

With the fourth seeds going through all the play-offs so far, things look favorable for Team USA. They beat Denmark in the semi-final, 1080-970, to clinch their place in the final to meet Singapore. Maybe surprisingly the Singaporeans defeated Germany 1225-1103.

A literal nip-and-tuck final saw the Americans realize their dream and capture the team gold they have been missing for the past two world championships, defeating the Singaporeans, 1210-1140, and maintaining the 2011 tradition of the fourth seed taking gold, which has happened in each event so far. Only the Masters to come, so maybe Liz Johnson will stand atop the podium tomorrow evening.

Superb bowling in the final match by anchors Jazreel Tan of Singapore, top team bowler with 269 and Liz Johnson of Team USA was best of her quintet with 279 to clinch gold.

The All Events medals can now be announced and the gold has been won by Denmark's Mai Ginge Jensen with a 24-game score of 5744. Silver goes to Caroline Lagrange of Canada with 5687 and Shannon Pluhowsky of the United States returns to the podium for her bronze for 5607.

Jensen's total of 5744 is yet another record, even beating the men's record of 5566 set by Singapore's Remy Ong, bringing to date six women's records that are higher than those set by the men.

In a short interview, squeezed in just after the medal ceremony, Mai Ginge Jensen commented: "It all hasn't really gotten to me yet," she told us. "I'm so happy and it all feels so great. I've just been focusing on my bowling the whole week, hit by hit and not worrying too much about the results, so that's all fine.

"I don't know what to say about my high scores. I just tried to bowl my best and that's all you can do basically. It has made me come so far and that is pretty good.

"Yesterday I had a couple of bad breaks and was not getting good carry on the long pattern but I basically used the Alpha Max and the Lethal Revolver, so that is most often used.

"The patterns here are not that hard so it is no big surprise that the records are higher than the mens'. I guess that we're just getting pretty good at bowling. The field is pretty good and that always give us the opportunity to take things further."

The strength of international bowling is shown by only three of Team USA members making the cut to the last 16.

The top 16 women from the all events standings advance to contest the Masters, being played on Sunday:

Pos Name Fed Singles Doubles Trios Team Total Avg
1 MAI GINGE JENSEN DEN 1486 1472 1474 1312 5744 239.33
2 CAROLINE LAGRANGE CAN 1383 1478 1415 1411 5687 236.96
3 SHANNON PLUHOWSKY USA 1376 1401 1429 1401 5607 233.63
4 LIZ JOHNSON USA 1372 1379 1416 1402 5569 232.04
5 KELLY KULICK USA 1376 1473 1367 1349 5565 231.88
6 KIM MOON-JEONG KOR 1441 1325 1382 1360 5508 229.50
7 SHAYNA NG SIN 1601 1259 1230 1412 5502 229.25
8 SON YUN-HEE KOR 1496 1331 1317 1353 5497 229.04
9 NADINE GEIßLER GER 1275 1433 1470 1293 5471 227.96
10 JAZREEL TAN SIN 1366 1416 1309 1368 5459 227.46
11 DAPHNE TAN SIN 1416 1248 1469 1302 5435 226.46
12 JEON EUN-HEE KOR 1411 1296 1467 1249 5423 225.96
13 TANNYA ROUMIMPER INA 1364 1243 1346 1447 5400 225.00
14 PATRICIA LUOTO GER 1313 1286 1306 1488 5393 224.71
15 BIRGIT PÖEPPLER GER 1386 1284 1270 1445 5385 224.38
16 HONG SU-YEON KOR 1263 1373 1272 1465 5373 223.88

A very humid and damp Sunday morning greeted participants and spectators to Hong Kong Bowling city for the final day of the 2011 World Women's Championships, the top 16 from the 24 games of all events advancing to the Masters and grouped into high seed versus low for the eight best-of-five game knockout finals, e.g. Mai Ginge Jensen plays Hong Su-Yeon.

All more than a bit confusing for the uninitiated as the higher seed can select either of the pair of lanes to start the match, choosing either a medium condition or short, alternating lanes for each game, so bowling a complete game on each of the pair of lanes.

There was a surprise defeat for tournament favorite Kelly Kulick of the United States, being beaten 3-1 by Singapore's Daphne Tan. Kulick's team-mate Shannon Pluhowsky had a convincing win over Tannya Roumimper of Indonesia, taking all three games for a quick entry into the semi-finals.

So, the line-up for the semis has Mai Ginge Jensen of Denmark playing Daphne Tan of Singapore and Shannon Pluhowsy with the burden of winning another gold medal for the United States against Germany's Nadine Geisler.

Rnk Code Name Fed M1 M2 M3 M4 M5 Wins Medal
1 045 MAI GINGE JENSEN DEN 229 214 206 210 1 Bronze
11 166 DAPHNE TAN SIN 199 278 220 232 3 Advance
3 192 SHANNON PLUHOWSKY USA 237 227 267 200 255 3 Advance
9 067 NADINE GEIßLER GER 180 214 279 213 165 2 Bronze

As you can see, Pluhowsky had far from an easy ride in the semi-final, taken down the straight by Geisler. But Daphne Tan had a far easier excursion along with Mai Ginge Jensen. So Jensen and Geisler will stand on the podium to receive bronze medals after the final battle has been decided.

Therefore, by the process of elimination, the well-publicised and attractive final of the 2011 Masters will b e fought between Shannon Pluhowsky, representing the United States, and the demure Daphne Tan of Singapore, the Americas versus Asia.

after a fantastic and awe inspiring display of bowling by Shannon Pluhowsky the world now knows that something good can happen on 9/11. Opening her account perfectly by rolling twelve straight strikes, the American carried a one game advantage into the second on the short pattern Daphe tan came back to level the match, 238-219, but Pluhowsky went back into strike mode with another 11 in a row on the medium condition before leaving the 10-pin and a disappointing 299. Well, a disappointment to her and the crowd who wanted to see another perfecto, but nevertheless it was to bring the match to a 2-1

Masters champion Shannon Pluhowsky


It was all over come the fourth game, the American's game was just too strong for the Singaporean although all credit to her as she fought tooth and nail to the end. So it was another gold medal for Pluhowsky and the American domination of the women's world championships for the first time for many years. The final game score? Well, it matters little but just for the record it was 225-191. That gives Pluhowsky a 260 average for the four games of the final and that cld possibly be a record that will never  be beaten, come what may.

Photos courtesy of dynamic duo Terence and Derrik Yaw


Fireworks at the WTBA and FIQ Meetings was the cover headline of the August/September edition of Malaysia’s Bowling Mag, so there was quite an air of anticipation when the assembled gathering of WTBA delegates and guests attended the WTBA Congress at the KITEC center in Hong Kong on September 12.

Of course, the two main areas of concern were the proposal regarding the proposal to reorganize FIQ and the election of WTBA President for the next four years and that was posted for later discussion.

President Kevin Dornberger warmly welcomed the group and then asked for a moment of silence in memory of Eero Routomo and Roger Tessman who had passed away. He then brought the Congress up to speed with a short introduction and a summary of the day’s business.

Delegates from 54 nations attended the Congress 36 proxies. Voting power 90. Two proxies were disallowed, those from Scotland and Ireland, because of a lack of valid signatories.

Early conflict came when FIQ president Jessie Phua, stating that the Philippine and the New Zealand delegate were out of order because FIQ dues had not been paid. Malaysia TBC president Dato P S Nathan supported Mrs Phua’s objection, stating that the WTBA/FIQ statutes decree that all fees must be paid before a delegate can be validated, Kevin Dornberger said that according to his information all Philippine and New Zealand fees had been paid.

The president of Myanmar stated that his nation’s proxy to the 2010 WTBA meeting had been forged and fees paid by an unknown person. He asked for an investigation into this matter.

An interesting presentation was made by Lars Pedersen of TSE Consulting, pointing out the advantages of consulting with local governments regarding bidding for world championships and other major events, stressing his company's availability to help with all aspects of creating interest among the media and sponsors.

Brent Perrier, president of Brunswick Bowling Products gave a short presentation in which he declared that the company will sponsor $50,000 for the development of youth bowling and promised support for the World Bowling Tour, adding that:  "If you don't believe bowling is exciting, you weren't at the Masters' final at Hong Kong Bowling City on Sunday night."

Kevin Dornberger then explained the reasons why the WTBA would become a professional organization and need at least one full-time employee and the decision was made to work to that goal by the WTBA Presidium at a recent meeting. Dornberger was convinced that the finances projected would show affordability and this will be further discussed.

The congress ran smoothly after the lunch break and the good news that the new World Singles Championship has been awarded to the Mediterranean island of Cyprus and will be held in September next year.

The Australian federation proposed the formation of a World Seniors Championships.

In the matter of slow bowling, the practice time for five-person teams has been cut to 15 minutes.

The revision of a few rules was soon and ably covered by Kevin Dornberger with only the scheduling of teams and individuals at championships being a controversial issue. The voting for that resulted in scheduling being changed.

The Swedish Bowling Federations proposals to play Doubles over 12 games in two blocks with Singles. There will be finals for doubles and none for singles. The three highest scores after 12 games will win the medals in the singles event. The proposal failed.

A proposal to seed the trios second block was defeated.However, the motion to seed the second block of team was passed.

Much discussion regarding introducing a round robin final in championships resulted in a vote in favor.

WTBA does not propose a dues increase.

The business now moved into presidential elections and immediately Vivien Lau withdrew and that leaves Kevin Dornberger of the United States and Joan Ricart of Catalonia.

"We can't get off the road to the Olympics or we will never get there," said Kevin Dorbnberger in his presentation prior to the elections. He covered his track record of his work toward youth development, the Special Olympics and the World Bowling Tour.

Joan Ricart, speaking in English and Spanish to emphasize the importance of  listening to the needs of all federations and to help with the finances of those with very limited budgets. H e stated that all presidium members should be voluntary.  Further proposals included player and media committees and much more communication with federations.

Both comprehensive presentations covered a multitude of subjects and re-elected WTBA president for the next fours years is  Kevin Dornberger, winning the ballot with 49-35 votes.

"We have a lot of work to do and I am pleased with what I see as our vice-president candidates," Dornberger told us immediately after the election result was announced. "I think we will have the right people to do the job. "I would agree that we will have a much stronger presidium than before with businesspeople, which we need. They understand how to get things done, and that is what we need."

There were four candidates for the position of 1st vice president, Pekka Korpi of Finland, Sonja Jaine of Sweden, Mike Seymour, Australia and Alessandro Sattanino of Italy. All have long and strong experience in bowling.  It took three ballots before the result could be announced, those voting for Korpi and Seymour failing to get a majority.The final result turned out to be in Korpi's favor, 44-43.

Both Seymour and Jaine stood for the office of 2nd vice-president and that honor went to Michael Seymour.

The Congress voted for the four-year term of auditors and Kevin Dornberger closed the Congress.

The decision whether to hold another Congress on Wednesday will be made after the FIQ Congress is held tomorrow.


FIQ President Jessie Phua opened the 2011 Congress at 09.25, later than scheduled due to the large amount of proxy votes

FIQ Presidium

submitted at the last moment.

Secretary-General Addie Ophelders had a few problems with allocating voting cards, so there was a significant delay whilst checks were made that voting was secure. Not a pleasant task as Addie celebrates his birthday today.

After the reorganization the voting power was decided at 181.

New members Chinese  Taipei, Libya, Nigeria, Pakistan and Haiti were welcomed into the FIQ family.

Alessia Borge from Barcelona gave a comprehensive presentation of the FIQ Resource & Development Centre, covering the progress with TV and media coverage including Hub sport and Sport Accord coverage. Also a partnership with International World Games Association to publish news on their website and also with the SportAccord site.

Alessia Borge is providing TV coverage with several tournaments covered and still available. Recent activity includes the World Men's Championships, the Mediterranean Challenge Cup and the European Men's Championships among international events.

Alessia gave an incredibly complicated and detailed presentation which was so well received that Dato P S Nathan stood and congratulated her and the contributions of the Catalan government which had financed much of the research.

The auditors report was accepted and the Congress broke for coffee.

The vote on the proposal from the WTBA was  adopted with 173 of the 181 votes, a piece of bowling history.  (The FIQ was formed in Munich, Germany in 1952)

The proposal was by the presidiums of the World Tenpin Bowling Association (WTBA), the World Ninepin Bowling Association (WNBA) and the Federation Internationale des Quilleurs (FIQ)  that the management of the two sports be by WTBA for tenpin bowling and WNBA for the ninepin. The FIQ will maintain the bid for inclusion of bowling in the Olympic program.

A unanimous vote by the delegates with a voting strength of 181 for the adoption of the proposal means that in future Mr Kevin Dornberger will be the FIQ as well as WTBA President and Mr Ludwig Kocsis of WNBA will be the FIQ Vice-President, both serving a term of four years until the next Congress scheduled to be held In Henderson, Nevada in the United States in 2013.

The auditors were approved.

Dato PS Nathan of Malaysia asked for closer inspection of proxies in future.

Arguments ensued regarding the validity of a presidential election by Dato P S Nathan and the event went ahead between Kevin Dornberger of WTBA and Ludwig Kocsis of WNBA.  The vote for Mr Dornberger was unanimous and the vice-president will be Herr Kocsiz.

Mrs Phua closed the meeting and thanked her officers and the delegates for their support over the past four years.

Kevin Dornberger announced that the second stage of the WTBA Congress will be moved to 13:30 this afternoon instead of taking place tomorrow morning. This will update the WTBA Constitution after the adoption of the proposal with FIQ this morning.

Sincere apologies for the brief reports of the FIQ Congress due to internet problems causing the loss of information.


FIQ silver pin to Abdul Salam Abbas

Prior to the business of the afternoon, Kevin Dornberger, along with the WNBA's Ludwig Kusis, had the pleasure to make presentations of the FIQ Silver Pin to Abdul Salam Abbas of Qatar and an FIQ Silver Pin with Diamond to Sheikh Ahmed Al-Sabah of Kuwait. The president of the Kuwait Federation accepted on behalf of Al-Sabah who was not present.

In just ten minutes after the scheduled 13:30 start to the second part of the WTBA Congress, President Kevin Dornberger opened the proceedings by asking that vote be by voice rather than handing out voting cards. This was accepted and then moved into the roll call.

"With a piece of luck we will be done in 30 minutes," said Dornberger.

It was agreed that WTBA be responsible for the actual zones.

The WTBA statutes were updated after the creation formed by the merger of the organizations.

The Congress then closed after just 33 minutes.


The outgoing FIQ Presidium




The incoming FIQ Executive Board
























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