Woman Finds Nasty Surprise Inside Bowling Ball

by Gianmarc Manzione 0

Neighbors Kelly Kincaid-Fuette and Rebekah Gregory have a laugh after a scare they won't soon forget.

You might feel a little, well, jumpy after reading this.

Here's the thing: It turns out that neighbors are as friendly as the spiders in the Seattle-Tacoma suburb of Des Moines, Wash. Much to one particular spider's misfortune, however, Kelly Kincaid-Fuette did not entirely realize that the day she found a vintage, Columbia Yellow Dot bowling ball on her doorstep. King 5 News reported that Kincaid-Fuette had been receiving gifts from an anonymous benefactor of late--including, reportedly, "a pink flamingo and a no-parking sign." So she figured she would pick up the latest entry in that random assortment of gifts she'd been receiving and check it out. She put her fingers in the finger holes to pick the bowling ball. That, she quickly realized, was her first mistake.

Inside the ball was what she took to be a "black widow spider guarding her egg sack." What it was in actuality, however, was a perfectly harmless and common house spider in a part of the country where no dangerous spiders dwell, black widows or otherwise. That did not stop Kincaid-Fuette from allowing her imagination to torment her to the point of screaming and hopping around in front of her house, especially after she said it "leaped like a grasshopper directly at us." The neighbor who left the gift, Rebekah Gregory, came running over. The rest is well-worth reading about.

Get the details here (And be afraid. Be very, very afraid): http://www.king5.com/story/news/features/2015/09/14/spider--bowling-ball-hole/72212088/

As for the spider, well, let's just say she won't be tormenting the good people of Des Moines, Wash., anymore.

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