Verity Crawley: Back in the USA

by Gianmarc Manzione 0

PWBA Tour star Verity Crawley's long, and at times frustrating, experience trying to get back to the U.S. from her native U.K. to bowl her first PWBA Tour event since 2019 finally has come to a happy conclusion.

The former Webber International standout announced on social media March 28 that she officially was back on U.S. soil. As we reported here, Crawley previously had announced in late February that her visa application had been approved. That cleared the way for her return, but Crawley's optimism still was tinged with a dose of caution.

"There's just always that nervousness of never knowing what's going to happen when you show up at border control,” she said in February.

Little more than a month later, she was back at what she described as her "happy place," shooting some practice at Kegel Training Center in Lake Wales, Florida, on March 29.

Crawley's visa application had been rejected in December, forcing her to leave the U.S. for her native U.K. while she sorted out the issue.

"After 77 days at home, I am back in the United States!" she posted, adding that she is "very thankful to the PWBA who helped make it possible to get back into the US. There are a lot of rules and restrictions regarding travel to the US right now, especially when coming from the UK. I can’t believe I’ll get to bowl again soon!"

Crawley had returned to widespread shutdowns in the U.K., including bowling centers, when the rejection of her visa application in December forced her to head home. She had been posting videos on Instagram demonstrating drills one can do at home to stay sharp.

In a post of her own on March 28, Crawley's former Webber teammate and fellow PWBA Tour standout Daria Pajak, who has been fighting her own visa battle from her native Poland, said she hopes to be back in the U.S. "towards the end of April."

Pajak's visa application was approved on Feb. 17.

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