USBC Open Championships to Adjust Squad Schedules Starting in 2020

by Terry Bigham, USBC Communications 0

ARLINGTON, Texas – Starting with the 2020 event, the United States Bowling Congress will adjust the number of squads for the Open Championships to provide competitors with additional options for Doubles/Singles competition.

At the 2020 Open Championships, only four bowlers will compete on each pair during Doubles/Singles (D/S) squads. The change will reduce the time needed to complete a squad, allowing the Open Championships to have four D/S squads, instead of the current three.

In addition to starting (7 a.m.) and ending the day (11:45 p.m.), D/S squads also will take place at 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. under the new schedule. Team squads will be at 1 p.m. and 8 p.m., starting with the 2020 event.

The change is in response to the results of an Open Championships survey, in which more than 53 percent of the bowlers said having to bowl an early or late D/S squad was a significant problem for their team. The current schedule has just one D/S squad (2:30 p.m.) that is deemed a desirable timeslot, and it quickly fills up.

“Moving to four D/S squads, with four bowlers on each pair, will allow more competitors to bowl a D/S squad at a more desirable time,” Open Championships Tournament Director Duane Hagen said. “This will help for better scheduling, as teams can match their early or late team competition date with an early or late D/S date, and should help in the management of the tournament overall.”

With the change, USBC will be able to offer more than half of the competitors a midday D/S timeslot. Currently, only about one-third of the bowlers are able to compete midday. Despite the fact the last D/S squad of the day will have a later start in 2020, the squad is expected to finish at an earlier time since there are fewer bowlers on each pair.

The new schedule also should assist in keeping squads on time, as there will be additional time between squads for lane conditioning, squad announcements and the march out.

Registration for the 2020 Open Championships starts on March 9. The 2020 event will be held at the National Bowling Stadium in Reno, Nevada.

Visit for more information about the Open Championships. The 2019 Open Championships start March 9 at the South Point Bowling Plaza in Las Vegas.

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