USBC Names XBowling’s XB Pro Stats” The Sport’s Official Player Statistics Platform

by Gianmarc Manzione 0

XBowling465x262Bowlers from around the world can improve their game with XB Pro Stats, XBowling’s flagship player statistics reporting platform for the bowling industry.

Sports Challenge Network’s XBowling and the United States Bowling Congress (USBC) announced the world-class "XB Pro Stats" product is now the official statistics package of the USBC. The exclusive partnership opens the XB Pro Stats product to USBC's 1.7 million members at a special member price, offering them in-depth analysis of their bowling games to support their drive for bowling excellence.

XB Pro Stats offers bowlers a robust intelligent feature set that includes: analyzing gameplay by frame, by ball, and by pin leave; strike, spare, open frame, and split percentages; visual graphs of results over time; equipment used, oil patterns on the lane, and score comparison to other players across the XBowling network. Already the title sponsor for the XBowling Intercollegiate Championships, XBowling now offers teams and league bowlers the ability to export their game statistics from their mobile device directly to their coach or mentor for review.

“The USBC is an outstanding organization and we’re honored to work directly with them,” said XBowling CEO Tim Minard. “We’re deeply committed to this partnership, and to our shared goal of growing the sport of bowling. We know that USBC members strive for perfection and XB Pro Stats is the most comprehensive, innovative and useful way to improve their game.”

USBC Executive Director Chad Murphy agreed: "Interacting with technology while on the lanes will be a key part of the future of the sport. Through XBowling, USBC members can enhance the bowling experience in ways that just weren't possible in the past.  The XB Pro Stats offering is the best bowling statistics package in the world and we are proud to offer it to our members as USBC’s official statistics package for years to come."

The XB Pro Stats product is available as an in-app upgrade to users of the free XBowling App. The free app enables tracking of basic scoring history and facilitates head-to-head challenges against XBowlers anywhere in the world, either in real time or asynchronously. XBowling App users also earn reward points they can redeem for valuable prizes.

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