USBC Concludes Re-Evaluation of Glenn Allison’s 900 Series

by Gianmarc Manzione 0

Glenn Allison
Glenn Allison

The United States Bowling Congress (USBC) recently concluded a re-evaluation of Glenn Allison’s 900 series award application from 1982. Allison received national attention for rolling a perfect series at La Habra Bowl in La Habra, California, on July 1, 1982.

USBC’s predecessor organization, the American Bowling Congress (ABC), after inspection of the lanes, did not approve the 900 series because of non-complying lane condition rules at that time. Allison’s score would have been the first perfect series in history had it been approved. The ABC’s decision was litigated before the United States District Court, Central District of California which upheld the ABC’s determination in all respects.

“The bowling community is very passionate about this issue and we heard calls from a diverse group of voices asking USBC to re-consider Glenn Allison’s award,” USBC President Andrew Cain said. “The USBC Board of Directors has reviewed all historical documents on two separate occasions. While USBC has the highest respect and admiration for Glenn Allison, we can’t turn back the hand of time and change the rules in 1982.”

ABC rules for approving sanctioned award scores in 1982 were significantly different than current USBC rules. At that time, about eight percent of award scores were denied.

“Any official change to Glenn Allison’s 900 would also impact thousands of scores in that era,” Cain said. “As a National Governing Body with a legal responsibility to enforce rules uniformly, we simply can’t re-write history for one score and apply a different standard more than 30 years later.”

USBC’s Board of Directors has agreed the issue is now settled given that all the evidence has been considered.

“Glenn Allison is a living legend and a Hall of Famer who will always be known not only for his bowling talents, but the incredible class he displays as an ambassador for our sport,” Cain said. “While this decision may not be the outcome some people hoped for, I ask that we can all come together and respect the conclusion. It is time to close this chapter and move forward.”

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