Update: Bowlmor AMF Assures Brunswick Employees, Bowlers

by Gianmarc Manzione 0

In the wake of his company’s acquisition of the Brunswick Corporation’s 85 bowling centers, Bowlmor AMF’s Chief Executive Officer, Tom Shannon, has collaborated with other Bowlmor officials on a video (above) full of assurances for Brunswick bowling center employees and league bowlers.

Shannon touted Bowlmor’s 2013 merger with AMF, which had entered chapter 11 bankruptcy in November, 2012, as one that has gone smoothly and made Bowlmor and AMF more successful together than they were individually. He expressed his expectation that Bowlmor AMF’s deal with Brunswick will proceed just as smoothly.

“We have learned a great deal in the past year, and with the Brunswick brand joining our portfolio, we will continue to learn, grow, and prosper,” Shannon said in the video.

The video quickly segues to discussion of Bowlmor AMF’s plans for Brunswick center employees. Highlighting the company’s five regional employee training locations, Mike McIntosh, Bowlmor AMF’s Regional Training Manager, said “we’re really looking forward to working with the talented employees at Brunswick to continue to grow and develop our team.”

Bowlmor’s Vice President of Human Resources, Jenifer Thoma, emphasized employee retention and career opportunities as she noted that “in our first year as Bowlmor AMF, we’ve promoted over 175 members of management and 200 employees.”

Shannon reiterated the emphasis on employee retention.

“The center that you work at and who you report to are unlikely to change anytime soon,” he said.

In addition to employee retention, comments from Shannon and others in the video also underscored retention of league bowlers. Larry Ross, Bowlmor’s Regional Vice President, insisted on Bowlmor’s intention to “honor all league commitments, which includes maintaining operating hours to satisfy all morning and daytime leagues.”

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