Ultimate Bowling Names Kost V.P. of Sales and Marketing

by Gianmarc Manzione 0

Ultimate Bowling CEO, Roger Brunette, has announced that Dave Kost will be joining the Indiana-based company as Vice President of Sales & Marketing, effective immediately.

Kost, a native of Pittsburgh, most recently worked for Storm Products Inc., serving in multiple roles but most recently as Public Relations Manager and Staff Manager. During his tenure at SPI, his duties included managing more than 250 staff members worldwide (including national pro, regional pros, amateurs and advisory staff), along with ensuring the company protected and promoted its image in a proper, coordinated and consistent manner while cultivating and enhancing collaborative working relationships with the media.


His initial role at Storm Products was that of Digital Media Interactive Specialist, assisting a third-party vendor with implementing and monitoring the company's social media marketing. Administration included content strategy, developing brand awareness, generating inbound traffic, and cultivating leads and sales. Additionally, Kost implemented company-wide “Code of Conduct for Online Communications Guidelines.”

"During the time I worked with Dave, he managed our social media, attended many professional events and developed several new programs, including a comprehensive player evaluation process. Dave was personally responsible for adding several new quality players to our staff,” Storm President, Dave Symes, said in a letter of recommendation.

Ultimate Bowling recently signed several of the sport's high-profile players to multiple-year contracts under the company's newest brand expansion, Ultimate Inserts. While list is growing, it currently includes Jason Belmonte, Tommy Jones, Bill O'Neill and Bob Learn Jr.

In addition to Belmonte, international players on the staff include Amleto Monacelli, Dominic Barrett, Osku Palermaa and Martin Larsen.

The staff also includes Mike Wolfe, Bryon Smith, Stefanie Johnson, Tom Daugherty, E.J. Tackett, Shannon O'Keefe, Kyle Troup, Jonathan Van Hees and Dino Castillo.

As V.P. of Sales & Marketing, Kost will direct and coordinate company sales and marketing functions while identifying and developing new consumers for Ultimate's products and services. In conjunction with Brunette and Learn, as well as those out in the field, he will establish and implement short and long-range goals and objectives to maximize company revenues and industry positioning.

Kost will work closely with the marketing team to formulate content strategy, and develop brand awareness to generate inbound traffic and cultivate leads and sales through all UBP social media channels.

“I am very excited at the direction we are taking Ultimate Bowling Products,” Burnette said. “With the addition of Dave as V.P. of Sales & Marketing, this will help expand our sales and product awareness. Dave will be working directly with Bob Learn, and I can't think of a better team I'd rather have than Dave and Bob directing our company's sales and marketing efforts.”

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