Track 920A

by Gianmarc Manzione 0

50 Hook   15.5 Length   16 Breakpoint Shape

Core Design: The Lego-inspired asymmetric core provides the power. The RG is high at 2.57, the Diff big at .057 and the intermediate mass bias is .020. Testing displayed 6” of track flare with the 4 and 5” 75-degree layouts. This design kicks into gear in the late midlane and creates eye-popping angularity.

Coverstock: A pearl addition has been infused into the Gen 3 reactive cover for a traction assist. The black and emerald green ball is surfaced at 4000 Abralon. Response time off friction is quick and aggressive. Oil traction is average with out-of-box finish.

Manufacturer’s Intent: Says Track Brand Manager Paul Figliomeni, “The 920A was designed to be more angular on medium-heavy oil patterns. Built on the Lego core platform, the designers modified it by raising the RG to 2.57 and tweaking the horsepower of the core Diff to .020, gaining extra length with plenty of hitting power. The coverstock is the HP Gen 3, and the Performance Pearl helps make it more Angular on the backend. The surface is 4000 Abralon sanded.”

Test Results: The 920A will provide plenty of total hook and angularity downlane on medium to medium-heavy oil volumes. The 920A’s total hook was 3-4 boards less than the 930T, and its breakpoint occurred an average 2 feet later. This later breakpoint was visually more angular than the 930T’s more arcing move. When compared against a similarly drilled 505A (November), total hook was 3-4 boards more with a comparable angular move off the dry boards. We saw more downlane kick when we compared this against a highly polished 930T.

When to Use: The 920A will match up best on patterns where players want to give up the pocket; i.e., when playing increased launch angles from inside the oil line and projecting the ball toward friction well down the lane. Stronger layouts will assist in supplying the necessary core reaction to provide angularity. Players opting for a more conservative approach to the pocket should speak with their favorite knowledgeable ball driller to choose the proper layout for their game and specs.

-- Joe Cerar Jr.

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