Track 715C

by Gianmarc Manzione 0

49 Hook   15 Length   15 Breakpoint Shape

Core Design: The 715C’s Catback asymmetric core boasts a medium RG level of 2.52. The .052 Diff produced 5” of track flare with our 3.5 and 4.5” pin layouts. The mass bias (intermediate Diff) is moderate at .015.

Coverstock: Track used the UMP Gen 4 reactive coverstock infused with an aesthetic-only pearl additive. The look is a blend of black, red and gold. The surface is initially sanded with 2000 Abralon and later highly polished. Response time off dry is moderate and average in oil with box finish.

Manufacturer’s Intent: Said Track Brand Manager Paul Figliomeni, “The 715C was designed to be a stronger version of the popular 505C. The designers set out to make a more aggressive product without compromising the control factor at the breakpoint. We are introducing an all-new coverstock for this ball: ‘UMP Gen 4C.’ The Gen 4C boasts a greater surface texture than the previous coverstock. We have added a hint of pearl essence to enhance the look of the product.”

Test Results: The 715C helps round out Track’s growing array of mid, upper-mid and high-performance products. The 715C will provide similar total hook to the 715A, but with a more rounded breakpoint shape. The core design and coverstock responsiveness must cooperate with each other to produce this motion. By slowing down the response off dry, the 715C provides the control needed on clean backends and when playing the outside portion of the lane.

When to Use: Our best results were on shorter patterns with medium and medium-heavy oil volumes. We also had great looks when playing outside breakpoints between boards 2 and 8. The 715C’s slower move off the dry provided an easier-to-read break with no sudden change in direction near the breakpoint. Our least favorable looks were when we ventured left of the 17th board because the 715C did not turn the corner strongly enough to satisfy our preferred carry percentage of 80%. The lone exception to this was my high-rev tester (450 rev rate), who had very good carry as deep as the 22nd board.

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