Track 300C

by Gianmarc Manzione 0

43 Hook 16.5 Length 13.5 Breakpoint Shape

Core Design: The symmetric core shape of the 300C delivers a medium RG level of 2.55 with a low flaring Diff of .025. We found this core shape revved easily and continuously downlane with each of three varied layouts. Please realize that weak cores do not mean weak hitting power.

Coverstock: The conservative LMB Gen1 reactive resin cover formula was slightly stronger than a similarly polished urethane, yet almost as controllable. Coloring is a mix of reds and black, and the ball is finished with a 4000 pad and polished. Response in oil is very limited, while the response time off friction was slow but consistent.

Manufacturer’s Intent: “This ball is perfect when your 505C is a bit too strong because you can transition into the 300C at that point and just keep striking,” said Paul Figliomeni, Track Brand Manager. “The 300C is the best performance ball in this price point for Track.” It offers the closest ball reaction to urethane in Track’s lineup of high performance balls.

Test Results: As conservative a ball as the 300C is, we were all very impressed with its predictability, usability and pin carry. It allowed us to play a good five boards right of the 607A and still carry corners. We actually matched up better with the 300C on most of the house patterns and wet/dry conditions. We found the 300C created more hold area because of our straighter launch angles, and had no tendency whatsoever to over-react off dry. These are great attributes, especially when a ball carries as well as the 300C.

When to Use: Use when playing on light to medium volumes with clean to reasonably clean backends. The 300C makes it easy to close launch angles and cover less real estate, which can be a benefit on many Sport and Challenge-type oil patterns. The most surprising aspect was the ability to string strikes from deeper inside angles as long as there was not excessive oil carrydown. Track-head power players surely will have a soft spot in their hearts for this special dry lane masterwork.

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