Competitors ready for 2009 World Cup

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THE AMAZING PAENG NEPOMUCENO, four times winner of the QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup, will be back again, having qualified to represent the Philippines in this year’s tournament in Melaka, Malaysia, in mid-November.

Paeng, who is now 52, won the trophy in 1976 (Teheran, Iran), in 1980 (Jakarta, Indonesia), in 1992 (Le Mans, France) and 1996 (Belfast, Northern Ireland). He was the youngest male player to win the title, being just 19 in 1976 and should he win in Melaka, he will become the oldest as well, beating Italy’s Remo Fornesari, who was 51 when he won in 1982.

The Philippines entrant in the women’s section will be Lisa del Rosario, who will be making her fourth appearance in the Bowling World Cup and who was our runner up in 2001 in Pattaya, Thailand, and came third in 2004 in Singapore.

Australia has announced its participants: Ann Maree Putney, champion in 2007 in St Petersburg, Russia, and runner-up last year in Hermosillo, Mexico, will be trying to regain the title while Paul Trotter will be remembered for his record 896 three-game series (300, 298, 298) in Riga, Latvia in 2002.

Indonesia’s representatives will be Ryan Lalisang, who shot a 300 game in Caracas, Venezuela, in 2006, and Putty Armein, who reached the top eight in Caracas.

And Sweden will now be sending Helen Johnsson to take part in the women’s section. Helen has finished in the top eight every time she has played in the event – five times in all. She and Martin Larsen, who will also be competing in Melaka, won the top country award last year.

“It will be fantastic to see Paeng compete again,” said Anne-Marie Board, QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup manager. “He has already written himself into all sorts of record books, including ours, and maybe he will add to his immense record in Melaka.”

There are now 89 countries participating.

A listing of named players shows the following (male competitors first): Argentina: Jonathan Hocsman, Lucrecia Lopez Joue; Australia: Paul Trotter, Ann-Maree Putney; Austria: Michael Loos, Bienvinida Schlosser; Azerbaijan: Elkhan Feyzullayev; Azores: Tiago Pontes; Bahamas: John Fox, Justina Sturrup; Bahrain: Ahmed Mohamed Al-Bastiki; Belarus: Pavel Sobolev, Inna Kunts; Belgium: Olivier Leory, Katrien Goossens; Brazil: Franz Monteiro, Roberta Rodrigues; Brunei: Ahmed Athary Hj Abd Samad; Canada: Michael Schmidt, Caroline Lagrange; Catalonia: Raul Gaivez Galisteo, Pilar Perales Alcacer; Costa Rica: Andres Fallas, Viviana Delgaso; Czech Republic: Petr Kabrhel, Svatava Stybnarova; Denmark: Thomas Larsen, Pia Burkal; Egypt: Yasser El-Sherbeny, Samy-Ana Saba; El Salvador: Miguel Arevalo, Edith Quintanilla; England: Darren Cundy, Zara (Glover) Giles; Estonia: Kert Truus, Inara Ratnik; Ethiopia: Dejene Hailemariam, Rita DeFranco; Finland: Ari Savola, Reija Lunden; France: Thierry Sacco, Isabelle Sacco; French Guiana: Maurice Talane; Germany: David Canady, Tina Hulsch; Gibraltar: Michael Wood; Greece: Leonidas Managkos, Martha Karatzoula; Guam: Jay Leon Guerrero; Guernsey: Derek Tomlin, Danielle Le Couvey;  Hong Kong: Wicky Yeung, Joey Yip; Hungary: Zoltan Skobrics, Beatrix Pesek; Iceland: Arnar Saebergsson; India: Dhruv Sarda, Prathima Hegde; Indonesia: Ryan Lalisang, Putty Armein; Iraq: Maher Aneed; Ireland: Alan Bride, Caitriona Mulhall; Italy: Marco Reviglio, Torregrossa Letizia; Japan: Ryo Yamanaka, Haruna Nojima: Jersey: Paul Wright, Lorraine Jarvis; Jordan: Mohamed al Masri; Kazakhstan: Makhmut Iskhakov, Irina Lazaridi; Korea: Jin Seok Kong, Ryeong Heui Kim; Kuwait: Khaled Aldebayyan, Hanadi Al Muzaiel; Latvia: Arturs Levikins, Diana Zavjalova; Libya: Redha El Fezzani; Lithuania: Dovydas Dusevicius, Daiva Perminiene; Macau: Choi lo Fai, Yuen Nga Lai; Malaysia: Zulmaran Zulkifli, Siti Safiyah Amirah; Malta: Kenneth Arpa; Mauritius: (F) Nasheeha King; Mexico: Daniel Falconi, Sayuri Yamada; Moldova: Uliana Grosu (F); Mongolia: Tuvshinsanaa Miyesenge; Morocco: TBA; Netherlands: Maarten Pittens,  Wendy Kok; New Caledonia: Marin Tranier; New Zealand: Sonny Reguerra, Belinda Tan; Northern Ireland: Kevin Horton, Donna Horton; Norway: Petter Hansen, Patcharin Torgersen; Pakistan: Ijaz Ur Rehman, Janet Abril; Palestine: Taisier Nazmei; Panama: Miguel Fonseca, Yvette Chen; Philippines: Paeng Nepomuceno, Liza del Rosario; Poland: Pawel Bielski, Greta Frost; Portugal: Nuno Martinho, Ana Viera; Puerto Rico: Gabriel Sanchez, Lourdes Lopez; Qatar: Mubarak Almuraikhi; Reunion: Jean Marie Defaud, Dominique Merlo; Romania: Florian Mihailescu, Felicia Bianu; Russia: Gennadiy Sidorov, Evgenia Tsarkova; Saudi Arabia: Ammar Tarrad; Scotland: Mark Kerr, Laura Rhoney; Singapore: Remy Ong, Bernice Lim; Slovakia: Ladislav Frunyo, Petra Stankova; Slovenia: Matej Fegus, Mojca Dolinsek; South Africa: Jason Bexuidenhout, Jessica Paluzzi; Spain:  Paco Rodriguez, Laura Lopez Marazuel; Sweden: Martin Larsen, Helen Johnsson; Switzerland: Larry Vontobel, Bigi Manico; Syria: Bashar Kalaji; Thailand: Surasak Manuwong; Tunisia: Khaled Meziou, Hela Meziou; Ukraine: Mykhaylo Kalika, Olga Tarasova; United Arab Emirates: Hussain Al-Suwaidi, Hind Al Hammadi; United States: Walter Ray Williams, Jr., Tennelle Milligan.; Uzbekistan: Salimjan Bekmuratoy, Svetlana Klimoyts; Venezuela: Eddy Fuentes, Ivette Ching; Vietnam:  Gia Phu Pham, Nhy Y Nguyen.

—Anne-Marie Board, BWC Manager

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QubicaAMF Worldwide announces that its new Online Scoring product will be used at the 45th Bowling World Cup in Melaka, Malaysia, in November. Online Scoring is available with the Bowler Entertainment System. It allows a centre the ability to post live scores on their website for any special event such as in-centre tournaments, birthday parties, corporate events and more.

Bowling World Cup fans from all over the world will be able to view any players’ scores live through the QubicaAMF web site, providing the ability to track bowler progress throughout the week long tournament. Access to individual’s scores, frame by frame as they are bowled, will be available via a link on the homepage. Visitors can access the online scores and then select specific lanes to see who is playing on each lane, and his/her scores as they are displayed on the overhead monitors.

“This will be the first year that fans can view scores in real time, adding to the excitement of the competition,” said Anne-Marie Board, QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup Manager. “The innovation of real time scoring over the internet will mean that friends, family and fans around the world will be able to share in the fun and follow any individual’s scoring as it happens.”

The 52-lane Melaka International Bowling Centre is now completed and the grand opening ceremony took place on August 1st.  The centre is expected to host local tournaments before the BWC gets under way in mid-November.

Go to and follow the Bowling World Cup link to track live scores beginning November 13th.

—Anne-Marie Board, BWC Manager

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