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A big diappointment for Korea’s Gye Min-Young after leading the 46th World Cup almost the full distance and then losing the title in the stepladder. (Click on photo to read more….)

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2005 World Cup men’s champion Michael Schmidt of Canada is very well placed to stand atop the rostrum once again, now placed second to top seed Matt Miller of London, England. (Click on photo to read more)

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The women have now completed their second round of eight games, now totalling 24 games, and Gye Min-Young of Korea still holds first place.
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Top 24 Men

United States 1, Europe 4 as the top five male qualifiers are posted for the second round of the World Cup at Bowling de

John Szczerbinski

Provence, Toulon.

John Szczerbinski maintained his lead through the final block of 92 players and built a healthy 127 pin buffer over second-placed Achim Grabowski of Germany. The American posted 3,710 over the 16 games, an average of 231.88. Grabowski rose to second with 3,583 and Mads Sandbaekken of Norway dropped to third with 3,571. (Click on photo to read more…)

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Top 24 Women qualifiers

After their 20-game qualifying stint, the top 24 women will advance to the second round, a further eight games. Gye Min-Young of Korea remained the tournament leader on a total…

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Back on the Lanes

After the disappointment of the structural defect at the Bowling de Provence yesterday and the cancellation of play for the afternoon and evening squads, things got more or less back to normal today after slight adjustments to the schedules and the tournament format. (Click on photo to read more …)

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Bowling Postponed

Bowling had to come to a shuddering halt in Toulon on Tuesday afternoon after a structural fault in a ceiling support beam meant that the building was rendered unsafeand the competition could not continue until the building was made safe. (Click on logo to read more…..)

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First Day Results

‘Biboy’ Rivera of Manila, Philippines tops the men’s division leader board after the first five games in the 46th QubicaAMF (Click on photo to read more ….)

‘Biboy’ Rivera in action

Bowling World Cup at Bowling de Provence in Toulon, France

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List of Participants

Television coverage will be provided by local TV network¬†Var TV who have already produced an introduction to the Bowling World Cup in Toulon, France, October 15-24. Go to¬† http://www.vartv.fr/direct1/ to…