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Inside Line / by Gianmarc Manzione -

Track 300C

43 Hook 16.5 Length 13.5 Breakpoint Shape Core Design: The symmetric core shape of the 300C delivers a medium RG level of 2.55 with a low flaring Diff of .025….

Inside Line / by Gianmarc Manzione -

Track 920T

Slower and handed players will find many applications for the 920T when encountering too much oil for their 5 or 7 series Tracks. Those gifted with higher rev rates will undoubtedly play deeper and steeper angles while taking the more scenic route towards the pocket as the 920T and 930T crave oil.

Inside Line / by Gianmarc Manzione -

Track 715C

The 715C helps round out Track’s growing array of mid, upper-mid and high-performance products. The 715C will provide similar total hook to the 715A, but with a more rounded breakpoint shape.

Inside Line / by Bob Johnson -

Track 505A

This black, neon green and fire red beauty makes for a sweet ride on most patterns with adequate friction and enough oil in the heads to create an angular backend reaction.