Tag: May 2010

Inside Line / by Gianmarc Manzione -

Hammer Backlash Red/Purple

The RP Backlash is a later and tamer version of the BS Backlash. We saw an average of 2-4 boards less total hook and 3-4 feet later reaction with the RP version. With similar surfaces the two Backlashes become more closely related but still differ slightly.

Inside Line / by Gianmarc Manzione -

AMF Clutch Pearl

The Clutch Pearl will complement the original Clutch solid when looking for added length and a more angular breakpoint shape downlane. AMF strengthened both the core and cover for this edition to help achieve this motion shape.

Inside Line / by Gianmarc Manzione -

AMF Mega Recovery

This edition in the Mega line provides a very aggressive midlane read with surprising extended continuation downlane. We were delighted to be able to stay with this hook monster through oil break down as we could make aggressive moves inside the oil line and retain a very high percentage of pin carry.