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Inside Line / by Bob Johnson -

Lane Masters: Widow Maker

52 Hook 15 Length 16 Breakpoint Shape Core Design: The symmetric Buzz core, was previously used in the popular Green Hornet (June 2007) and Buzz (July 2006), and is all…

Inside Line / by Gianmarc Manzione -

Lane Masters Solid Strike

The Solid Strike reacted slightly earlier and stronger in oil compared to company’s earlier pearl Sure Strike. The 2-3 board difference is minimal albeit noticeable as the ball reads the midlane better. Hitting power and usability are quite good as this core/cover combination will match up well on many medium and medium-heavy oil volumes.

Inside Line / by Gianmarc Manzione -

Lanemasters X-treme Damage

The XD gave us our best looks on light-medium to medium volumes of oil with lengths ranging from 35 to 44’. The XD was predictable and powerful; its motion was stronger, with a late-arcing breakpoint.