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Finals Day

The final day of this excellent European Champions’ Cup has the competition format changed to the best of three games with the left lane conditioned with long oil (44 feet) and the right with short (35 feet). (Click on photo to read more …….)

Breaking News / by Bob Johnson -

Men’s Combined

With one game to go this evening Latvia’s Arturs Levikins and Petri Mannon of Finland were tied on 4953 and third and fourth, Dimitrios Karetsos of Greece and Norway’s Svein Ake Ek, also tied four pins back. so that was the leading four sorted out with the slight change of Ek advancing to third place over Karetsos.

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Women’s Combined

Defending champion Kirsten Penny from England still has a good shot at making the
double. However, Germany’s Nadine Geisler from Kaiserslautern, who has been the frontrunner almost from the start of competiton on Wednesday, cruised through the final eight-game block to lead both the squad and the overall standings, scoring 1794 on the combined short and long condition, the same score as yesterday’s long pattern.
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Fight to the Finnish

Krista Pollanen of Finland fared best on the long oil pattern at Roll House bowling centre on the outskirts of Ankara this afternoon, shining a bright light with an eight-game…

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Norway Up Front

1368 for Svein Ake Ek of Norway for his first six games of the eight on the long oil pattern Thursday morning was pretty good going and would have placed…

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Tough at the Top

It was nip and tuck aplenty through the final game of the short oil section of the men’s division of the European Champions

Marco Reviglio

Cup here at the Roll House bowling center on the outskirts of Ankara on Wednesday evening.

A tussle for pole position between Petri Mannonen of Finland, Italian Marco Reviglio and Arturs Levikins of Latvia with less than ten pins separating the three, saw the spotlight eventually shine on Reviglio, 45, from Genoa, leading the field with 1775, an average of 221.88. (Click on photo to read more….)

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Germany Take Short

Competition got underway Wednesday morning with the girls playing an eight-game block on the short oil pattern, lanes conditioned to 35 feet. This did not seem to deter this distaff…

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The Gang’s Nearly All Here

Just pleading last minute sickness, the Estonian bowlers cancelled their participation in the European Champions’ Cup at the luxurious Roll House bowling center in Bilkent, on the outskirts of Turkish capital Ankara. (Click on photo to read more …)