Sweden Pip Denmark at the Post

by Bob Johnson 0

The teams all know that the target is 2353 for the six games of Squad 2, that means an average of 392 per game.

After the first game, it was a Danish-affair once again. This morning the Denmark 1 girl's team lead through the series until the last few frames of game six, thereby opening the door for England to come through and take pole position on the leader board.

This afternoon Denmark got off to a good start with 435, way ahead of second placed Israel and with russia and england third and fourth with 395 and 393 respectively.

226 is the top game so far, set by Russia's Maria Bulanova.

One pin margin affairs after game two as Israel take over the lead from Denmark, 815-814, and Sweden squeeze into third place with 808 over Finland's 807. The Swede's second game of 460 is the highest team game bowled so far today by either squad.

Jenny Wegner & Annie Thorell, Sweden 2

The high game has upped the ante as Israel's Adva Weliav rolled 251 and Jenny Wegner of Sweden had 247.

At the halfway stage, the third of six games, the target should be around 1176 to be on course to take the lead.

The Swedish boy's teams took places one and two yesterday and now their girls aim to be at the top, too. Their three-game total of 1227 sees them in pole position over Finland (1213) and the Ukraine zoom up into third place, shooting 465/1202, which is the highest team game of the day. Early leaders Israel have dropped to fourth with an 1190 total.

The leading five teams are all on course to beat the leading six-game score of 2353.

Now, after four games, it is Finland that sit atop of the table on 1606, the only team to break 1600 after four games. Sweden drop to second on 1594 and Ukraine third, 1591. Denmark make up the top four positions, 1569.

1568 is the running figure for the overall lead and these four teams exceed that.

Stamina is going to tell over the final two games as no team beat 400 in game four and many of the girls seem to be running out of puff.
The best individual seriess after four games is claimed by Roosa Lunden of Finland, daughter of famous international Reija Lunden, with 830.

If it is true that 1960 is the target figure to beat after five games to beat this morning's 2353, set by the England 1 duo, then only one team is over that at the present time, Sweden have posted 1974 to take over the lead. They are followed by Ukraine with 1953, Finland 1932 and Denmark, 1901.

Just two girls are maintaining a 200-plus average, Daria Kovlova of Ukraine with 1032 and England's Verity Crawley, 1014.

Game six really saw a turnabout as Sweden 2 came through to top the standings with 2569 and Denmark 2 also had a great finish to take second place on  2356. Defending champions England 1 held third from this morning and Denmark 1 followed suit for fourth.
So the semi-final line-up will be Sweden 2 v Denmark 1 and Denmark 2 v England 1.

Those individual performances saw Hannah Frost of england 1 the top performer with 1284 over her six games.

Both the boys and girls semi-finals will commence at 17.30 local time (CET).

There is nothing like the world and zone Youth Championships as each competitor seems to bring part of their family along for support and the bowling center concourse groans under weight of hundreds of spectators. It is noisy, too, but fortunately the Lovvang Bowl has banned the use of air horns and the like, due to the low ceiling, so being a spectator is not too uncomfortable.

Bob Johnson

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