Storm Reign of Fire

by Gianmarc Manzione 0

55 Hook   12 Length   15.5 Breakpoint Shape

Core Design: Powering this new Thunder line ball is the same symmetric core found in the Reign. The higher 2.57 RG delivers late revving action compared to lower RG balls. The Diff of .048 produced 5” of track flare with most layouts.

Coverstock: The Reign of Fire’s solid reactive coverstock is derived from the R2S family. This 1000-sanded solid reactive provides above-average traction in oil, coupled with a quick response off dry. Coloring is a mix of scarlet and burnt orange. This base resin formula is used on all of Storm’s two-piece equipment except the new Invasion.

Manufacturer’s Intent: “The consensus was that we needed a strong solid reactive in the Thunder line,” said Sorm’s marketing coordinator, Kevin Ellis. “The long-standing history of this line has always been performance and price.

Test Results: The Reign of Fire will hook similarly to the Virtual Gravity, but with a later revving downlane motion. That the shell is sanded at 1000 grit makes up for the slightly tamer core dynamics. We also found this ball to hook 2-3 feet sooner than a comparably laid out Reign, with a smoother move off the dry. This hard-arcing motion — along with the aggressively sanded surface — will help slower speed players get a great look on heavier oil when a low RG ball rolls too early. Slower speeds will likely smooth to 4000 Abralon or higher to encourage easier length and improved energy retention.

When to Use: Bowlers will find many uses for this aggressive, higher RG ball. The solid R2S base will handle many medium to heavier volumes with the appropriate surface. The higher RG core revs later and can create more angularity for certain players compared to lower RG counterparts. Oil carrydown was a non-issue as the ball tracks well through late lane oil. Higher rev rate players often find RG levels of 2.53 and higher help conserve rotational energy best, thus creating more entry angle when playing deeper inside angles. This ball helps round out Storm’s product range with varying coverstocks, RG ranges and Diff options.

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