Storm Invasion

by Gianmarc Manzione 0

58 Hook   14.5 Length   15.5 Breakpoint Shape

Core Design: A new asymmetric core shape, Origin, is featured in the Invasion. It boasts a low RG of 2.48, a 6” flaring Diff of .057 and a breakpoint shape producing intermediate Diff of .017. Testing displayed up to 6.5” of track flare.

Coverstock: The Invasion’s solid reactive R3X base increases traction in oil, and on dry boards compared to Storm’s R2X cover. This mulberry-scented hook monster is a medley of crimson, violet and sapphire. The surface is sanded with a 4000 Abralon pad. Oil traction was very good, and response time off dry was moderately quick.

Manufacturer’s Intent: Says Storm’s Hank Boomershine, “The Invasion features the next generation in core and coverstock technology. The Origin is a quicker-revving core with a more defined moment of inertia. The finishing touch is the R3X coverstock, which has the highest Ra values ever produced by Storm products. We saw a 9% increase in friction values in the oil and an increase of 5% down the lane over its R2X predecessor utilizing C.A.T.S. testing.”

Test Results: This ball’s new core delivered a slightly earlier and stronger downlane breakpoint than what we saw from the Virtual Gravity. Oil traction was very good with box finish, and was improved with lower Abralon grits. Total hook was 2-3 boards stronger than a comparably laid out VG with a stronger entry angle. We had no difficulty moving into the oil on most of our test patterns. The Invasion will offer more oil traction and a more confident move through carrydown than most strong solid reactives. We saw no skid/flip on any of our patterns, even when polished. The move is a hard arc with excellent oil traction.

When to Use: Our best looks were on medium to heavy volumes (23 to 26 ml.), and patterns of 42’ and longer. The Invasion evened-out most of our wet/dry test patterns and provided a predictably strong downlane shape. Power players will like the control and ability to play deeper inside the oil line; strokers and tweeners will enjoy the power and wide range of use on oilier and oil-carrydown patterns.

-- Joe Cerar Jr.

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