Storm 2Fast

by Gianmarc Manzione 0

48 Hook   15 Length   15 Breakpoint Shape

Core Design: Storm’s N.O.S. symmetric core brings a new dimension to the Fast and Furious line. The increased Diff of .045 supplies an extra 1” or so of track flare to increase midlane-read. The 15-lb. RG level of 2.53 keeps dynamics in the middle range. The 14-pounder has a higher 2.59 RG.

Coverstock: The 2Fast and 2Furious share the same R2S base reactive resin formula as the original. The 2Fast is polished at Storm’s signature 1500 grit. Response time off drier boards was quick and decisive, while oil traction was limited. Coloring is a fusion of amethyst and peridot (dark green). Grape lovers will enjoy the scent.

Manufacturer’s Intent: Of Storm’s new “2” line, Hank Boomershine said: “We knew we wanted a more defined midlane roll in the new product while retaining the same look and feel of the Hot Line. So we had to beef up the weight block and add more horsepower (15% more track flare). We wanted a reliable, proven coverstock that we knew would provide a clean glide through the heads and attack the drier boards on the backend. So we chose the R2S material that is aggressive and durable.”

Test Results: We decided to compare the new 2Fast to the Fast and Tropical Heat Hybrid. The 2Fast was a tad earlier than the Fast in the first 40’ or so and also was a touch smoother off the friction. Versus the Tropical Heat Hybrid, we saw 1-2 boards more back-end with a slightly quicker response off drier boards. This new core starts the mid-lane motion sooner and tempers the back-end response.

When to Use: Use on light-medium to medium oil patterns with 35-42’ lengths. The pearlized 2Fast worked well from all angles, but the more hand you possess, the deeper inside the oil pattern you can venture. Heavier oil carrydown created some downlane wiggle, as is true for 90% of mid-priced pearls; light carrydown was not an issue. The 2Fast’s counterpart, the 2Furious, had no difficulty through heavier oil carrydown. Our favorite layouts incorporated pin distances of 4 to 5” with buffer distances of 2 to 4”.

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