South African Player Leads as Men’s Field Is Cut to 24 in World Cup

by Gianmarc Manzione 0

The men’s starting field of 86 has been trimmed to the top 24 in the QubicaAMF World Cup at Sam’s Town Bowling Center in Las Vegas.

Leading the standings is Francois Louw of South Africa with a 24-game total of 5351, a 222.96 average. He began the day in 10th place, then worked his way up in the standings by shooting games of 256, 224, 226, 226, 254, 203, 242 and 264.

United States representative Kamron Doyle started and finished the day in second place, now 95 pins out of the lead.

Bowlers in the men's division roll their final few frames before the cut to the top 24.
Bowlers in the men's division roll their final few frames before the cut to the top 24.

France’s male rep, Mike Bartaire, totaled 4880, which landed him the 24th and final spot for Wednesday’s eight-game block. Following those eight games, the top eight players, based on 32-game totals, will advance to round-robin match play and a shot at the stepladder finals on Thursday.

Bartaire currently trails eighth place by 227 pins.

This afternoon, bowlers in the women’s division will bowl their final eight games of qualifying, leading up to their own top-24 cut. Shannon Pluhowsky of the USA is the 16-game leader, and holds a 22-pin lead over Sandra Gongora of Mexico.

France’s representative, Amadine Jacques, will begin play this afternoon in a tie for 16th place, 121 pins above the 24th-place cut position.

Here are the 24 players advancing in the men’s division:

1. Francois Louw, South Africa, 5351

2. Kamron Doyle, United States, 5256

3. Siu Hing Wu, Hong Kong, 5218

4. Muhammad Jaris Goh, Singapore, 5201

5. Paul Scott, Ireland, 5179

6. Alexei Parshukov, Russia, 5166

7. Bjorn Einar Rudshagen, Norway, 5125

8. Engelberto “Biboy” Rivera, Philippines, 5107

9. David Maycock, Bermuda, 5103

10. Tomoyuki Sasaki, Japan, 5087

11. Ildemaro Ruiz Jr., Venezuela, 5082

12. Markus Jansson, Sweden, 5011

13. Prince Mohamed Al Saud, Saudi Arabia, 5007

14. Ryan Leonard Lalisang, Indonesia, 5005

15. Michael Little, Australia, 4990

16. Oron Cohen, Israel, 4962

17. Sam Rose, England, 4943

18. Romeo Gagenoiu, Romania, 4938

19.  Luboslav Jurinyi, Slovakia, 4905

20. Nicola Pongolini, Italy, 4903

21. Benjamin Martinez, Mexico, 4893

22. Kim Bolleby, Thailand, 4885

23. Muhammad Rafiq Ismail, Malaysia, 4884

24. Mike Bartaire, France, 4880

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