Seismic Desperado

by Gianmarc Manzione 0

40 Hook   16 Length   11 Breakpoint Shape

Core Design: The asymmetric core revved in the late lane due to its higher RG rating of 2.55. The Diff of .034 gave us an average 3” of track flare. The intermediate Diff reading of .011 will have minimal influence on breakpoint shape due to the conservative cover friction.

Coverstock: The conservative urethane blend contains silicone, which lessens the traction off drier boards. Coloring is a fusion of midnight blue and gold swirl. Response time off dry was very slow, and traction in oil was non-existent.

Manufacturer’s Intent: Designed to combat tournament short patterns where power must be fused with control, the Desperado brings a powerhouse engine wrapped in a mild-mannered cover. The modified Insignia asymmetric core gives you a smooth yet strong roll, while the Cruise Control Pearl Urethane coverstock provides smoothness through the transitions, never letting the ball overreact in the dry.

Test Results: When we began testing the Desperado, we couldn’t believe how tame the reaction was off drier boards. We were able to actually move into the burn and experience length with a controlled move. The Desperado hooked less than any of Seismic’s previous urethanes, no matter how many revs our tester was blessed with. Hitting power was good, providing we got some hand into it at the release. If we missed it some, we saw deflection and a significant loss of carry. In short, power players with 400 and higher rev rates should own a urethane ball, and the Desperado is the tamest out there with a two-piece core design.

When to Use: Bowlers will be able to square up and play down-and-in angles on most dry to lightly-oiled patterns. The Desperado will not shine on medium oil. Bowlers looking for hold area will find the ball rarely creeps high if tugged into the oil on most typical house shots. We also feel the Desperado can be used as a quality spare ball for those who prefer a controlled motion as opposed to the oil sensitivity that plastics have.

-- Joe Cerar Jr.

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