Saudi Arabian Women’s Bowling Team to Make History at World Championships

by Gianmarc Manzione 0



LAUSANNE, July 11– For the first time in sport’s history, Saudi Arabia will send a team of six athletes to compete at the World Bowling Women’s Championships in Las Vegas from August 22 – 30.

Nahla Adas and Mariam Aldoussari from Alkhobar, Mashael Alabdulwahid, Ghada Nimir and Amani Alghamdi from Riyadh and Hadeel Tarmeen of Jeddah will travel to Vegas alongside with Coach Sarah Jamal to compete against the world’s best bowling athletes.

President of World Bowling, HRH Sheikh Talal said, “This is a momentous occasion for World Bowling and for the dedicated team of Saudi Arabian women athletes who have trained hard to get to this stage – my sincerest congratulations to the athletes and to the Saudi Bowling Federation for making this step.”

The Saudi Bowling Federation (SBF) first welcomed female participation in February 2018. It began with a group of 12 Saudi females training for fun at the Algosaibi Bowling Centre. The 12 women caught the attention of the National Coach who, alongside the sports administrators, recognized the dedication and commitment of the group and advised them to approach SBF directly. SBF agreed to start a program and planned to form a women’s bowling team and Dr. Razan Baker, a member of the federation’s board of directors, said they received an overwhelming response.

Since then, SBF has taken big steps to promote the women’s sport with three women’s teams being formed across the country.  SBF Team athletes now participate in daily three-hour training sessions under the management and direction of SBF and attend workshops hosted by International-level coaches.

The federation has also developed a comprehensive event portfolio with six women’s championships being held in Saudi Arabia in 2019.

SBF President Mr. Bader Al Alsheikh said, “By creating national and professional examples, we are paving the way for women and this will lead to building a strong and solid foundation to follow and role models to look up to.”

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