Roto Grip Riot

by Gianmarc Manzione 0

48 Hook   15 Length   14.5 Breakpoint Shape

Core Design: The Riot uses the same symmetric core found in the Dark Star. The RG is high at 2.58 and the Diff is conservative at .040. The core design bridges the gap between the conservative Roto’s Mars/Pluto line and the more powerful Nomads.

Coverstock: The Riot’s Ultimate Vision solid reactive cover is sanded at 2000 Abralon. This enhanced friction moderately; the cover is not overly strong. Coloring is a fusion of dark red and black, highlighted with glow orange lettering. Response off friction and oil both came in as moderate.

Manufacturer’s Intent: The Riot will bridge the reaction gap between the Mars/Pluto low-flaring options and the dynamic high-flaring Nomads, as will the Dark Star. The motion characteristics for the Riot will enter the higher performance arena while sporing a cost of many mid-priced balls. Bowlers will see 4-plus inches of track flare with later downlane revs from each ball. Coverstock strength is geared toward medium or lighter oil volumes.

Test Results: Mid-price does not always mean mid-performance. The Riot provides control and great pin carry on lighter to medium volumes of oil. The Riot will read the lane sooner and smoother than will the Dark Star due to the solid reactive cover. On average, the Riot hooked about a foot to a foot-0and-a-half foot sooner and slightly stronger on the medium-heavy patterns. On lighter volumes, the Dark Star would out-hook the Riot due to its quicker and stronger response off drier boards.

When to Use: Use the Riot when looking for a controlled move off friction with average length and hook in mind. We really had great looks on wet/dry patterns with box polish; also with 4000 Abralon sanding. The Riot was release friendly; we always saw a smooth motion even if we leaned on it. The ball is a perfect choice for bowlers in a one-ball situation; it will match up great on 90% of the typical house conditions most will see. Down-and-in players will enjoy both the Riot and Dark Star, and should choose the one which matches up best with their personal ball speed and rev rate.

— Joe Cerar Jr.

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