Roto Grip Dark Star

by Gianmarc Manzione 0

46.5 Hook   16 Length   15 Breakpoint Shape

Core Design: The Photon symmetric core delivers an RG rating of 2.58, which enables later rev action in the backend. The .040 Diff showed nearly 4” of track flare with the 4.5” layout. The 5.5” layout had only about 3” of flare.

Coverstock: The pearlized, mid-priced ball is an eye-catching mix of deep blue and purple pearls. The surface is factory polished with a medium shine of 1500. The Ultimate Vision pearl formula has limited traction in oil, yet responds more quickly off friction than does the solid-covered Riot.

Manufacturer’s Intent: The Riot and Dark Star will bridge the reaction gap between the Mars/Pluto low-flaring options and the dynamic high-flaring Nomads. The motion characteristics for both the Riot and Dark Star enter the higher performance arena with a cost of many mid-priced balls. Bowlers will see 4-plus inches of track flare with later downlane revs from each ball. Coverstock strength is also geared toward medium or lighter oil volumes.

Test Results: The Dark Star offers very easy length through lighter concentrations of oil, followed by a strong quick arc off friction. Heavier volumes will cause midlane and late wiggle with box finish, so a scuffing or sanding may be warranted in this environment. Or even better, bag it and grab a Nomad or Mutant and move deeper. Use the Dark Star for its intended lane condition and you won’t be disappointed, nor find a need to adjust its surface.

When to Use: Both the Dark Star and Riot allow bowlers to keep their target lines more in front of their sliding area. This lets you straddle the oil line a bit instead of being forced to swing the ball unnecessarily far. This helps keep your adjustments to a minimum and makes spare-shooting easier for those not using a dedicated spare ball. The Dark Star’s pearl cover will get down the lane easier than the solid Riot, plus it will provide a touch more spark off the dry, which can increase a ball’s angle of entry. Slower speeds and lower rev rate players could prefer the Dark Star over the Riot just because it’s a touch more exciting.

— Joe Cerar Jr.

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