Roll’n Donkee Inventor Keith Kenworthy Dies at Age 92

by Gianmarc Manzione 0

Keith Kenworthy invented the Roll’n Donkee bowling ball carrier at a time when bowlers were just beginning to carry more than one ball to league, tournament and practice sessions. Bowlers accustomed to carrying their equipment on a shoulder had a new option: they could drag it behind them in a ball carrier on wheels.

On Sept. 29, Kenworthy passed away, the California Bowling News reported. He was 92.

Kenworthy’s life partner, Bert Strain, also was deeply involved with bowling. She had introduced the Donkee Tour, which conducted handicap tournaments in Southern California when tournament clubs such as the Amateur Bowlers Tour and the National Amateur Bowlers Inc. were expanding across the country.

Kenworthy invented other products for bowlers, but it was the Roll’n Donkee — made of high-impact plastic and with an extendable handle — for which he was best known. A later expansion of the product line included the Macho Mule, which could carry six to eight balls.

In recent years, the California Bowling News said, Kenworthy and Strain had been residing in a senior living community in San Dimas, Calif.

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