Rimini show canceled

by Gianmarc Manzione 0

Bowling Event Rimini, a trade show that was to have been held in Italy's Rimini Exhibition Centre March 17-20, has been canceled.

According to Danilo Tosetto, publisher and managing editor of Facto Edizioni, the reason for the cancellation was "the general economic downturn that has also affected bowling equipment suppliers" that would have exhibited at the event.

Tosetto added that Enada Primavera, an international trade show for the amusement and gaming industry with which Bowling Event Rimini partnered, will be held as scheduled.

"It is set to be even bigger than ever," he said, "spanning over eight halls in the exhibition center."

The European Bowling Proprietors Assn. was to have held meetings during the show, and has not yet announced whether that schedule will be maintained.

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