Prelude to Battle

by Gianmarc Manzione 0

The Catalan team

As a warm-up for the tough encounters to come over the next two days, the team from the Americas: PABCON, took on the local Cataloia players in a five-person team competition over two games, played with the Baker system

Much to the surprise of an enthusiastic audience, mainly composed of supporters from the previous night's World Cup soccer match, the Catalonians won both games, taking the first 175-169 and then posting 208-188 to clinch victory.

The line-up for Catalonia consisted of Moises Perez, Marcial Ovide, Axel Guimo, Artur Colomer, Sandra Torrents, Cristina Sanz and Rosa Mas.

The line-up changed for the second game.

The PABCON players

Their opponents from North, Central and South America, representing PABCON, were John Janawicz, Luis Olivo, Patricia de Faria, Alberto Lizano, Sofia Granda, Rocio Restrepo and Manuel Otalora.

Having just flown the Atlantic, the Americans can be forgiven for pleading jet-lag for their misdemeanours.

The Catalan octet will act as a pacing team substituting for Asia when the Federation Cup competition starts tomorrow.

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