PODCAST: PWBA Champ Rocio Restrepo on Challenges that Nearly Forced Her to Quit

by Gianmarc Manzione 0

Four-time PWBA Tour champion Rocio Restrepo tends to be a private person, so going into the PWBA Orlando Open TV finals on August 17, not a lot of people knew that Restrepo’s appearance on that show was the light at the end of a very dark tunnel she had been stuck in throughout the year. Times got so dark for her in 2019, she says, that at one point she thought she was going to have to abandon her pro bowling dreams altogether.

That dark period, which included significant health challenges that forced her off the tour temporarily and onto a plane to her native Colombia to seek answers from doctors about the fatigue, dizziness, weakness and pain that was plaguing her, forced her to question her most fundamental beliefs about who she is as an athlete and as a person.

Now on the other side of that struggle, Restrepo says she will be going into 2020 with a completely new way of seeing her life and the people in it, her pro bowling career, and her approach to adversity.

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