PODCAST: PBA CEO Colie Edison on the PBA’s Future in a Pandemic-Stricken Sports Landscape

by Gianmarc Manzione 0

While there is no good time for a pandemic to strike, as you will hear from PBA CEO Colie Edison on this episode of The Bowlers Journal Podcast, the timing has been particularly unfortunate for the PBA.

Just a season and a half into its run as a Bowlero property and following one ratings success after another with FOX, its players are wondering when they once again will have a chance to make a living, and its executives are fighting an uncertain battle to put those players in a position to do so as soon as possible.

One striking thing about this conversation with Edison is the can-do attitude she demonstrates in the face of an unprecedented crisis for the industry. It may be a while before PBA players are contending for titles again, but in the nearer term Edison's close collaboration with FOX may bring some fresh PBA action to your TV screens and devices in the form of made-for-TV special events.

Edison discusses that and many other aspects of COVID-19's impact on the PBA and on the bowling industry more broadly in this interview. Listen to the conversation here: https://soundcloud.com/user-658733792/pba-ceo-colie-edison-on-the-pbas-future-in-a-pandemic-stricken-sports-landscape

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