PODCAST: Norm Duke Reflects on PBA Indianapolis Open Win and Much More

by Gianmarc Manzione 0

Photo by Alan Petersime

When Norm Duke was generous enough to take time out of his week in the PBA Jonesboro Open to speak with BJI Editor Gianmarc Manzione a day after entering the top five in that event, he turned out to be in a profoundly reflective mood.

Duke, who won his 39th PBA Tour title at age 54 in the PBA Indianapolis Open on Feb. 24, was unflinchingly honest about the humble start he had in his career, when he went winless for eight years after becoming the youngest player to win on tour at age 18 in 1983. He knows he has, as he puts it in the interview, “no time left” as a competitor, and he knows what it takes to make the most of what few opportunities might remain for him to capture a spark for at least one last time.

This is a very special conversation with a unique figure the likes of which the pro bowling world will not see again. You can listen to the full conversation below:


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