PODCAST: Jason Belmonte on COVID-19’s Impact on His Career, His Family, and the Bowling Industry

by Gianmarc Manzione 0

While COVID-19 has turned the world upside down for all of us, the uncertainties it presents are particularly stark for Jason Belmonte.

The Australian superstar is even less sure than PBA Tour competitors residing in the United States as to when he might have the opportunity to shoe up and bowl a tour stop again.

Sure, the day the PBA Tour resumes will be a great one for tour players and for the bowling industry as a whole, but will players like Belmonte or other international stars be allowed to board international flights by then? Even if they are, will they be required to first quarantine themselves potentially for weeks before even being able think about hitting the lanes?

And in Belmonte's case, the postponement of the PBA Tour's 2020 season necessitated by COVID-19 came just as he once again was soaring on tour, making the show in nearly every event he had bowled in 2020, winning the U.S. Open to complete the tour's "Super Slam," and winning his record 13th major at the World championship.

Belmonte discusses those and many other aspects of COVID-19's impact on his family, career, and on the bowling industry at large on this episode of The Bowlers Journal Podcast.

Listen to the conversation here: https://soundcloud.com/user-658733792/podcast-jason-belmonte-discusses-covid-19s-impact-on-his-family-career-and-more

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