PBA League Adds Two All-Women’s Teams; Draft to Be Held in July

by Gianmarc Manzione 0


(JUNE 23, 2020) - Today, the Professional Bowlers Association announces that two new, all-women's professional bowling teams will join the race for the 2020 PBA League Elias Cup, increasing the number of teams in this year’s event to twelve.

The Phoenix Fury, managed by PWBA champion Kim Terrell-Kearney, and Miami Waves, managed by PBA champion Bob Learn Jr., will be the first all-women's teams in the PBA League’s history, since its founding in 2013. While female pros Kelly Kulick (NYC KingPins), Liz Johnson (Portland Lumberjacks) and Danielle McEwan (Motown Muscle) have been on previous team rosters in past years, this is the first time the PBA will include all-women team rosters. No women are currently on any of the other 10 team PBA League rosters.

A special draft between the two new clubs will take place on Tuesday, July 7, at 4 pm ET on FloBowling. The top 35 players on the 2019 PWBA Points List will be eligible to be drafted onto the new teams 5-player rosters.

The 2020 PBA League Elias Cup tournament, to be broadcast live on FS1, is being rescheduled due to COVID-19 health and safety precautions, for this coming fall at Bayside Bowl in Portland, Maine. An announcement on scheduling will be made soon.

Two expansion clubs had already been added to the PBA League for 2020. The Brew City Ballers and Las Vegas High Rollers joined the League and took part in the annual player draft in May. All of the other team rosters are set.

The new divisional lineups with the addition of the two new women's teams:

Carter Division
Dallas Strikers (Manager Norm Duke)
Philadelphia Hitmen (Manager Jason Couch)
Brooklyn Styles (Manager Johnny Petraglia)
Silver Lake Atom Splitters (Manager Mark Baker)
Las Vegas High Rollers (Manager Amleto Monacelli)
Phoenix Fury (Manager Kim Terrell-Kearney)

Anthony Division
NYC KingPins (Manager Carolyn Dorin-Ballard)
Motown Muscle (Manager Del Ballard)
Portland Lumberjacks (Manager Tim Mack)
L.A. X (Manager Andrew Cain)
Brew City Ballers (Manager Marshall Holman)
Miami Waves (Manager Bob Learn Jr.)

The Portland Lumberjacks are defending Elias Cup champions.

The top 35 players from the 2019 PWBA Points list, eligible to be drafted by the Phoenix Fury and Miami Waves:

1Shannon O'Keefe148,125
2Danielle McEwan117,085
3Dasha Kovalova109,970
4Liz Johnson84,325
5Clara Guerrero83,190
6Jordan Richard80,795
7Missy Parkin78,512.5
8Liz Kuhlkin77,650
9Stefanie Johnson74,945
10Maria José Rodriguez70,170
11Bryanna Coté69,135
12Shannon Pluhowsky67,480
13Cherie Tan66,875
14Josie Barnes62,310
15Tannya Roumimper60,780
16Birgit Poppler55,905
17Diana Zavjalova55,047.5
18Valerie Bercier52,162.5
19Kelly Kulick50,420
20Sydney Brummett50,325
21Verity Crawley48,815
22Giselle Poss44,000
3Sandra Gongora43,402.5
24Shayna Ng42,550
25Julia Bond40,970
26Erin McCarthy37,300
27Rocio Restrepo36,065
28Ashly Galante33,680
29Jen Higgins32,705
30Gazmine Mason32,570
31Lindsay Boomershine31,370
32Daria Pajak30,845
33Jodi Woessner29,395
34Katelyn Simpson29,235
35Daphne Tan27,105
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