PBA Helps Fulfill Dream of Wheelchair-Bound ‘Superfan’

by Gianmarc Manzione 0


UPDATE (11/4/17): Now that Josh Hyde's Go Fund Me goal of $1,000 has been met ($1075) and his trip to Indianapolis is no longer in doubt, the PBA will contribute $300 to the campaign, according to commissioner Tom Clark. Josh will realize $1,375 before Go Fund Me takes out a modest fee. Any money beyond expenses incurred in the trip to Indy will be used by Josh to attend regionals in Fort Wayne or the vicinity.


The saga of Josh Hyde’s trip to the PBA’s 60th Anniversary celebration took an interesting turn Friday, when the PBA itself stepped up to pay Josh’s expenses. That came as his Go Fund Me campaign reached its goal of $1,000 in just a few hours.

Josh is the wheelchair-bound young man who is called the PBA’s Superfan, and who publishes a monthly online bowling newsletter. Getting to Indianapolis for Woodland Bowl’s annual pro tournament is not an easy task. He must take a special van, as well as pay for a driver/caregiver for several days.

The Go Fund Me campaign was launched to let Josh avoid personally asking for money. And less than a day after it was announced, 23 generous folks had donated a total of $1,075. At the same time, PBA Commissioner Tom Clark promised to fund the trip, and make Josh’s dream a reality.

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