‘Open’ containers

by Gianmarc Manzione 0

The drinking of adult beverages by bowlers at this year’s USBC Open Championships has been okayed by the USBC, BJI’s business-to-business Cyber Report revealed today.
Up until this year’s event, scheduled Feb. 20-July 4 at the National Bowling Stadium in Reno, alcohol was restricted to the food and beverage areas outside the actual bowling area.
No more.
The idea generated some serious buzz at the recent USBC Board of Directors meetings in Arlington, Texas, as USBC began to cast around for alternative ways to raise new money in light of the organization’s pressing financial needs.
While some concerns were raised about the idea, resistance began to fade when it was discovered just how much revenue it could represent.
The drinks would not be served in the actual bowling area, but would be available in the audience section, and in the area up to the railing that separates the bowlers from the spectators.
“If we would have thought of doing this 10 years ago when our economic situation wasn’t a problem, maybe we wouldn’t have the need to do something like this today,” said one source.

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