Official PBA App Provides Instant Access to Live Scoring for PBA Events

by Jerry Schneider, Professional Bowlers Association 0

CHICAGO (July 18, 2017) – The Professional Bowlers Association has introduced an official PBA app available through the Apple App Store which will provide fans with immediate access to live scoring for the PBA Tour, PBA50 Tour and all PBA Regional events.

The new PBA app will provide users with quick access to live scoring when any of the PBA events are underway, plus access to the latest PBA news, schedules, bowler profiles and more – all at no cost.

The app is a companion to the popular Xtra Frame app, which allows fans to watch live bowling from their mobile and tablet devices, as well as the PBA Bowling Challenge mobile game app which has 18 million users.

The PBA app, which is currently only available through the Apple App Store, will be available in Google Play soon.

The newest product is one more addition to the PBA Network, which provides PBA fans around the world with access to PBA news and information through a comprehensive system of mass-media and social media outlets.

To download the apps use the links provided below:

The new PBA app – Apple App Store:

Xtra Frame app – Apple App Store: Android Google Play:

PBA Bowling Challenge app – Apple App Store:

Android Google Play:

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