MoRich Mania

by Gianmarc Manzione 0

58 Hook   11.5 Length   15 Breakpoint Shape

Core Design: This version of the Awakening core delivers a faster-revving motion as a result of its lower 2.48 RG value. The increased Diff of .051 showed 6” of track flare with stronger layouts. The mass bias of .013 can help fine-tune the breakpoint shape.

Coverstock: The 1000-grit Vigor pearl cover creates more out-of-box friction than we’ve ever seen from MoRich. Coloring is a blending of bluish and purple hues infused with a  traction-assist pearl additive. The response time off dry was quick, and traction in oil was well above average.

Manufacturer’s Intent: Mo Pinel shared this:” In designing the Mania, our goal was to create a massive hooking ball with all the hook on the back half of the lane.  A side benefit of using the Awakening core is the versatility of the ball via different drillings and coverstock surface adjustments. Using a strong layout with a low balance hole and the factory surface will create that massive hooking ball we were looking for. Using a 2000 or smoother surface on Mania and a late-breaking layout will result in a big back-end ball. Check out the video on MoRich’s Facebook page to see the Mania in action.

Test Results: Pinel loves to push the envelope for total hook and rotational energy. The Mania delivers the goods as it hooks as much or more than many of the super premium products. When comparing these top oilers, we always sand each ball with the same grit to compare apples to apples (though the hook rating listed with each release is always with the factory surface). The Mania will respond very accurately to whatever dual angle layout the bowler chooses. Lower drill and BAL angles encourage earlier roll and transition. Higher angles such as 60 degrees and above will help delay and increase breakpoint motion.

When to Use: Choose your layout carefully, along with surface, and hold on for a wild ride. The Mania will handle all medium to heavier volumes with ease. Higher speed or lower rev rate players will love the traction from the cover and powerful core. Down-and-in players should choose tamer equipment.

— Joe Cerar Jr.

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