Mathias Arup Bids for Glory

by Gianmarc Manzione 0

Squad 12 of 14 saw 48 brave souls bidding for scores great enough to be in the top echelon of this year's Bowltech Aalborg International. With only two more squads on the schedule, time is running out for those unlucky enough to be short of making the cut for Sunday's finals.

Mathias Arup

Mathias Arup, the lofty Swede from Gothenburg was among the also rans until this morning and had doubts about bowling a third qualifying squad. Nevertheless, he threw aside all temptations to watch Aalborg's famous carnival, which parades through the city streets, and signed up for the 12 noon squad.

"This is my third squad this year. I wasn't sure whether I was going to play at all today, but I did and it all worked out well. It felt easy today as I got a good start with a 270. I made the right choices and used the right balls and release, so I was pleased. It's not often that we play this type of pattern but you learn a lot from it. We were all surprised by the small difference between the short and the long, but the friction here is very high which makes a big difference.

"I've bowled the Aalborg International seven or eight times but only made the top 16, or so. I hope to do much better this time."

Arup finished this squad with a creditable 1466, finishing his stint with a 290, and so takes second place on the overall leaderboard behind Finland's Petteri Salonen with 1480.

Arup was chased by Norwegian Bjorn Einar Rudshagen and he finished second on the squad with 1422. The only other player to beat 1400 was veteran Tore Torgersen with 1402.

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