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Oh Fiddlesticks! It would have been a full opening squad on Tuesday night for the 34th Ciutat de Barcelona but for a couple of no shows, one of them being none other than the ubiquitous Brian Voss of the United States, USBC and PBA Hall of Famer. So he and the other missing player, name not known at this moment, go into the sin bin.

We do have the pleasure of watching newly crowned PBA titlist Osku Palermaa, hopefully now fully recovered from his stomach bug whilst in Italy a couple of weeks ago, and Venezuelan star Ildemaro Ruiz, a visitor very much enjoying the European Bowling Tour.

Naturally, there are many Catalan and Spanish players on the lanes for this opener, and they cannot be ruled out as cannon fodder, especially local star Marcial Ovide.

Bowling Pedralbes, despite its small size of just 14 lanes, is one of those centers that stays in mind for years. Great organization,

Ildemaro Ruiz

fantastic ambience and good conditions set by Kegel's John Janawicz bring the players back year after year.

There are currently 131 players on the roster, representing 21 nations, a really nice number for the 14 lanes, giving space for re-entries come Friday and Saturday. The top 42, plus six women who do not make that cut, will advance to the final rounds on Sunday. Full tournament details on www.fcbb.cat. That website will also feature web streaming of the finals at 18.15 precisely on Sunday evening.

But back to tonight's squad.

And the squad winner is: Ildemaro Ruiz from Venezuela, taking pole position with 1424 which included his high game of 255, but steady bowling with that high and the low just 219.

This is my third visit to Barcelona," explained Ruiz. "I came last year and enjoyed it, the food is good, so I really like it here.

"I was in San Marino last week and I worked a lot with my game and I think I am doing the right thing with my moves  and the transition so I think the work that I have been doing is paying off.

"This is my last tournament in Europe. I am going back home after this and then I go to Colombia for two events and then to Las Vegas for the American tournament."

It was a tenth frame decider between ruiz and Osku Palermaa, the Finn suffering an open final frame to let Ruiz take squad honors, 1424-1399. Palermaa also had the high game of 255, his second game after a lowly 174 beginning.

Local hero Marcial Ovide came into the frame by taking third place on 1389. The honor of holding the high game goes to a Romanian, Catalin Gheorge, rolling a 279.

Full tournament details and standings: www.fcbb.cat


QUALIFICATION - Squad: 1 - Tuesday


P Player Club Federation 1 2 3 4 5 6 Pins Hdcp Total
1 Ildemaro Ruiz Independent Venezuela 228 238 255 219 245 239 1424 0 1424
2 Osku Palermaa Patteri/Pergamon Finland 174 255 232 259 247 232 1399 0 1399
3 Marcial Ovide Marron Diagonal Catalonia 234 235 267 217 202 234 1389 0 1389
4 Moi Perez Ibañez Diagonal Catalonia 233 236 223 202 182 247 1323 0 1323
5 Marius Piticariu Elcomex Delfin II Romania 247 179 225 232 210 204 1297 0 1297
6 Cristina Sanz Moreno Diagonal Catalonia 195 253 175 190 254 173 1240 48 1288
7 Catalin Gheorge Elcomex Delfin II Romania 172 162 177 269 211 279 1270 0 1270
8 Aude Saint Marc B. Adour Bayonne France 213 226 214 157 177 167 1154 48 1202
9 Artur Colomer Soler Sweetrade Catalonia 214 181 174 179 204 215 1167 0 1167
10 Mikael Kanold Independent Sweden 177 176 218 194 165 227 1157 0 1157





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