Lane Masters Solid Strike

by Gianmarc Manzione 0

53 Hook   14.5 Length   15 Breakpoint Shape

Core Design: The low RG of 2.48 allows the asymmetric core of the Solid Strike to rev easily, while the Diff of .050 creates an average of 5” of track flare. The intermediate mass bias is also strong at .020, which helps knowledgeable ball drillers define the breakpoint shape.

Coverstock: The navy blue pearl reactive base is slightly above average in lane traction. We found oil traction to be good, even with the polished finish. Response time off dry was quick. Lane Masters also told us they hit the surface with a grey pad after the factory-polishing process.

Manufacturer’s Intent: Tony Martin, Lane Masters’ Vice President of arketing, had this to say: “The Solid Strike uses its full 5.25 inches of flare potential with almost every drilling pattern with the PAP 4” or more from the pin. This new moderately-priced model is the strongest multi-density ball we have ever produced.”

Test Results: The Solid Strike reacted slightly earlier and stronger in oil compared to company’s earlier pearl Sure Strike. The 2-3 board difference is minimal albeit noticeable as the ball reads the midlane better. Hitting power and usability are quite good as this core/cover combination will match up well on many medium and medium-heavy oil volumes. Bowlers with low to higher rev rates will also appreciate the later revving action this high-RG core provides. Scuffing the Solid Strike with a 500 Abralon pad gave us a great look on heavier oil because it increased its real world hook rating to 57.

When to Use: As stated, the Solid Strike gave us great looks on most of our medium to medium-heavy volumes. Oil carrydown was a non-issue for moderate speeds, whereas higher speed players will find some duller surfaces to be better. Since the overall motion is more of a strong arc, the Solid Strike won’t fool you with an inconsistent read off the breakpoint. Our favorite layouts were the 3.5 and 4.5” pin distances; these created the most track flare, which added to the total hook and predictability.

— Joe Cerar Jr.

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