Lane #1 Blue Death

by Gianmarc Manzione 0

48 Hook   16 Length   15.5 Breakpoint Shape

Core Design: The symmetric MassaCore is the same as used in the Red Death. The RG is medium at 2.52, yet it revs up very quickly due to the shape. The 4” of track flare was a result of the .038 Diff. All three layouts rolled great (3, 4 and 5” from the PAP).

Coverstock: The Blue Death is a pure-bred hybrid with a balanced 50/50 blend of solid and pearl reactives. Coloring is a mix of blood red pearl and midnight blue solid. The surface is initially sanded with 2000 Abralon, then polished with compound (twice) and lastly with a high gloss. Response in oil is limited, yet response off dry is quick.

Manufacturer’s Intent: Richie Sposato, President of Lane #1, shared this: “With the success of the big-hooking Red Death, we put a Hybrid pearl coverstock on the Blue Death to get it down the lane easier. When the Red Death is too much ball, switching to the Blue Death will hold the line, yet still deliver a killer punch on the backend, making this a must-have combination.”

Test Results: For us, the Blue Death played less aggressively than last month’s Red Death. Total hook was 8-9 boards less on all of our test patterns. Its overall length was also 2½ to 3’ longer with the highly polished box finish. The core revved quickly, and hitting power was on a par, providing there was adequate breakpoint-area friction. On oil-carrydown patterns, though, we found we needed to lightly scuff the surface as the factory polish limited the ball’s traction.

When to Use: Bowlers will find many uses on lighter and/or shorter patterns retaining the box finish. The length will be very easy and the breakpoint will be quick and decisive. On medium volumes or longer paterns, many will either scuff the surface or totally redo the finish to create adequate traction. Those with higher rev rates may not need any modifications on this environment. For the rest of us, we found a fresh 1000 Abralon sanding with a mid-gloss applied on medium oil was money in the bank. This middle finish provided a more secure midlane read and improved the Blue Death’s traction through carrydown.

-- Joe Cerar Jr.

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