Lane #1 Big Curve

by Gianmarc Manzione 0

53.5 Hook  14 Length  15 Breakpoint Shape

Core Design: The Back-Cut asymmetric core boasts an RG of 2.50, yet it still revved very quickly, reminiscent of Lane One products. The Diff is .046 and created 5” of track flare with our 4 and 5” layouts. The intermediate mass bias is conservative at .010.

Coverstock: With the Big Curve’s audacious color mix of cream and berry, bowlers will likely either love it or hate it. The 2000 grit sanded surface on the 9.6 Explosion solid reactive offers above average traction in oil while supplying a moderately quick response off drier boards.

Manufacturers Intent: Richie Sposato, Lane One president, had the following information to share “Lane #1 would like to introduce the sexy Curve's big brother. The Big Curve with an Asymmetric diamond core and our pure explosion 9.6 solid cover stock. The Big Curve will provide you with a consistent reaction in even the heaviest of oil. It's time to put a Big Curve on the competition!”

Test Results: Lane #1 promised us more hook than the original Curve (Mar 2010 issue), did they deliver? In short, yes they did! We naturally compared the two with identical layouts while testing on our six test patterns. The Big Curve was a minimum of 3 boards to a maximum of 5 boards stronger. The overall breakpoint motion was smoother though, as this ball wants to read the midlane noticeably earlier. We all felt the Big Curve looked best on heavier fresh patterns with cleaner backends. The original Curve takes over as the lane condition deteriorates as it deliver easier length with a more angular finish. Polishing the Big Curve with a light coat of Secret Sauce reduced the Big Curve’s hook advantage in half while giving us added length just shy of the Curve.

When to Use: Most players will start with the Big Curve on longer and heavier volumes as its 2000 abralon surface devours oil. The arcing breakpoint motion upon leaving the oil pattern, was easy to read and gave us great looks from outside angles on our PBA and Kegel patterns. Deeper inside angles could be better served by the original Curve with its stronger entry angle, especially for those of us with 300 or lower rev rates.

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