Konieczny Sets the Pace

by Gianmarc Manzione 0

Bodo Konieczny heads an all-German leader board, leading the tournament after the three squad with 1385, which sees him through to the finals next Sunday.

Bodo started with a promising series of strikes and finally came out with 278. His toughest opponent Sascha Hauchwitz scored 678 after three games, 24 less than Konieczny. The competition was even harder, finally Bodo Konieczny won with a lead of 12 pins and qualified for the finals, hitting an average over 220.

Winner of the first squad was  Michael Holzapfel with 1335 pins. The runners-up were Achim Grabowski - 1330, Kai Günther - 1321 and Peter Knopp 1317.

Peter Knopp needed three attempts to win a squad and to qualify for the finals of this 1st Track Dream-Bowl Palace Open. He scored 1327 and left well-known players like Dirk Dreyer and Dirk Völkel behind in sunday's final bout.

Knopp trailed by 24 after the first three games, scored 253 in game 4 and moved up to top position. He ended up with 231 and 212 in the final two games and ended up as squad winner by 1327. The runners-up Dirk Dreyer scored 1251 and Dirk Völkel finished in third position scoring 1239. Even a small technical problem could not rattle Peter Knopp.

The three squad winners qualify for Sunday's finals.

The next squad will be on Wednesday evening.


1. Bodo Konieczny                            1385
2. Sascha Hauchwitz                        1373
3. Michael Wolzapfel                       1355
4. Maarco Baard                                1334
5. Achim Grabowski                        1330
6. Peter Knopp                                   1329
7. Stephan Unger                              1322
8. Kai Gunther                                    1321
9. Dirk Baade                                       1292
10. Birgit Poppler                              1230

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