Jayhawk, Turbo Team to Provide Pro Shop Packages

by Gianmarc Manzione 0

Effective immediately, pro shops purchasing Jayhawk Bowling Supply’s Tri Oval or Oval Maker II Packages can add a Turbo Xtreme Package to the deal at substantial savings. For pro shops, this means obtaining a state-of-the-art drill mill and related equipment, along with an ample supply of Turbo insert products, storage racks, fitting tools, banners and more.

The deal came about when Turbo President Lori Mraz sat down with Jayhawk owner John Hardman and Pro Shop Division Manager Russ Wilson to talk about combining their expertise and quality products to better serve pro shops and bowlers everywhere.

“Turbo has partnered with many great brands in the industry to advance the sport and to improve the retail environment,” said Mraz. “We have known John and Russ for many years, and believe the Jayhawk brand exemplifies quality and integrity. It was an easy decision to partner with them.”

Said Wilson: "We worked to create a unique package that caters to new pro shops to get them off to a great start with the best grip products as well as the best pro shop equipment in the world.”

Details of the new packages can be found on the Turbo and Jayhawk company websites: www.turbogrips.com and www.jayhawkbowling.com.

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