Janawicz Captures Masters Gold at PABCON Men’s Championships

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Aaron Smith
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John Janawicz

ARLINGTON, Texas - Team USA's John Janawicz won the gold medal in Masters to cap off the 2015 Pan American Bowling Confederation Men's Championships in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on Friday.

Janawicz cruised to a 2-0 victory over Puerto Rico's Michael Fonseca in the best-of-three championship match at AMF Bolera Paradise Lanes.

"I was able to line up pretty quickly and I think that made it a little tough for him to come back," said Janawicz, who won silver in Masters at the 2007 PABCON Men's Championships. "I had not been throwing the ball too well for the last couple of days, and I just found a pretty good groove physically today. I'm happy with my performance and fortunate that it turned out pretty well."

Janawicz needed to go to the deciding game each round leading to the finals, besting Mexico's Arturo Quintero and Colombia's Jaime Gonzalez before defeating Puerto Rico's Cristian Azcona in the semifinals, 2-1.

Fonseca, the final competitor to advance to the 16-player match-play bracket, earned his spot in the finals by defeating teammate Israel Hernandez, 2-0, in the semifinals. Both Azcona and Hernandez earned bronze medals.

With the victory, Janawicz earned his third gold medal of the 2015 event. He kicked off the PABCON Men's Championships by winning singles, and joined Team USA's Marshall Kent and Sean Rash to take home gold in trios.

"Overall, it was a very good week," Janawicz said. "I'm just really happy and fortunate to be a part of this team. We have a great group of guys and a great coaching staff and I'm very blessed to be a part of it."

Team USA also won gold in all-events (Kent), silver in team, trios, doubles and singles, and bronze in doubles at the 2015 event.

The PABCON Men's Championships featured the best bowlers from the American Zone competing for medals in singles, doubles, trios, team, all-events and match-play Masters.

At AMF Bolera Paradise Lanes, San Juan, Puerto Rico
Friday's results

(Best-of-three, single-elimination match play)

Round 1
(Losers eliminated)

(16) Michael Fonseca, Puerto Rico, def. (1) Marshall Kent, United States, 2-0 (210-182, 208-167)
(9) Andres Gomez, Colombia, def. (8) Sean Rash, United States, 2-1 (229-196, 215-249, 221-219)
(4) Tommy Jones, United States, def. (13) Javier Diaz, Puerto Rico, 2-1 (215-192, 192-226, 258-201)
(5) Israel Hernandez, Puerto Rico, def. (12) Manuel Otalora, Colombia, 2-1 (236-205, 158-210, 196-180)
(2) Jaime Gonzalez, Colombia, def. (15) Chris Barnes, United States, 2-0 (225-145, 198-173)
(10) John Janawicz, United States, def. (7) Arturo Quintero, Mexico, 2-1 (208-188, 150-225, 207-204)
(3) Cristian Azcona, Puerto Rico, def. (14) Ildemaro Ruiz Jr., Venezuela, 2-1 (183-159, 176-180, 220-190)
(6) Travis Cauley, Canada, def. (11) Bill O'Neill, United States, 2-0 (200-191, 209-148)

(Losers eliminated)

Fonseca def. Gomez, 2-0 (223-216, 207-203)
Hernandez def. Jones, 2-0 (233-210, 233-226)
Janawicz def. Gonzalez, 2-1 (229-201, 223-289, 202-195)
Azcona def. Cauley, 2-0 (223-165, 220-156)

(Losers eliminated, earn bronze medals)

Fonseca def. Hernandez, 2-0 (216-212, 253-236)
Janawicz def. Azcona, 2-1 (209-211, 197-166, 222-192)

(Winner earns gold medal, loser earns silver medal)

Janawicz def. Fonseca, 2-0 (226-174, 258-182)


Gold - John Janawicz, United States
Silver - Chris Barnes, United States
Bronze - Reydnier Chavez, Venezuela

Gold - Cristian Azcona/Israel Hernandez, Puerto Rico
Silver - Bill O'Neill/Tommy Jones, United States
Bronze - Marshall Kent/Sean Rash, United States

Gold - John Janawicz/Marshall Kent/Sean Rash, United States
Silver - Bill O'Neill/Chris Barnes/Tommy Jones, United States
Bronze - Andres Gomez, Jaime Gonzalez/Manuel Otalora, Colombia

Gold - Colombia
Silver - United States
Bronze - Puerto Rico

Gold - Marshall Kent, United States
Silver - Jaime Gonzalez, Colombia
Bronze - Cristian Azcona, Puerto Rico

Gold - John Janawicz, United States
Silver - Michael Fonseca, Puerto Rico
Bronze - Israel Hernandez and Cristian Azcona, Puerto Rico

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