It’s Good to Be Old

by Gianmarc Manzione 0

It seems the folks in television are finally realizing what a lot of us have known all along: that people who have reached the big 5-oh not only are not dead, but still spend money.

In fact, a lot of money.

Thus, the younger demographic that Fox and ABC — and, to a lesser extent, NBC and CBS — have been targeting for years doesn’t provide advertisers with as much bang for their buck as had previously been presumed.

Despite their youth-targeted programming, the major networks have seen their median viewer age grow older at twice the rate of the general population over the past two decades.

Today, the median age of a Fox, ABC, NBC and CBS viewer is... are you ready?... 51.

So what does all of this have to do with bowling?

It means that the “bowling audience,” once perceived as too old to be desirable, may become more coveted.

And that could open the door not only to more support for the PBA Tour, but a more diverse group of corporate sponsors.

Some 51-year-old people may buy Geritol, but they’re also buying just about anything else you could think of because — and here’s the key — they have the money to do so.

All of which could be one reason you’ll see one very prestigious PBA tournament aired in a very familiar time slot (not Sunday afternoon) on a very familiar network (not ESPN) during the upcoming season.

It may be too soon to suggest that bowling fans are the new darlings of Madison Avenue.

Then again, it may not be.


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