Intriguing Revelations in CBS Money Watch Report on Brunswick Sale

by Gianmarc Manzione 0

CBS Money Watch recently produced a report on the blockbuster $270 million sale of Brunswick's retail bowling business to Bowlmor AMF, which Bowlers Journal reported on here. They spoke with Brunswick CEO, Dustan McCoy, as well as Bowling Proprietors' Association of America President, Tom Martino, Professional Bowlers Association star, Jason Belmonte, and Storm Bowling's Director of Marketing, Mike Flanagan.

The story reveals that McCoy first wanted to merge Brunswick's products business with Bowlmor AMF, but Brunswick's attorneys said that deal likely would not pass antitrust scrutiny because Bowlmor already has a 50% stake in QubicaAMF; that McCoy initially said "No" to Bowlmor AMF CEO Tom Shannon's offer; and that Bowlmor AMF may be talking with the PBA about sponsoring tournaments. The story also suggests that several potential buyers for Brunswick's bowling products business, which the company also has put up for sale, have emerged; but McCoy declined to identify those interested parties.

Bowlers Journal has reached out to PBA Commissioner, Tom Clark, for confirmation of Bowlmor AMF's reported interest in sponsoring PBA events. Be sure to keep tabs here for an update.

You can read the full CBS Money Watch story here.

UPDATE: Tom Clark, PBA Commissioner, has confirmed that PBA is in talks with Bowlmor AMF to have the company join PBA's sponsorship fold. In an exchange via Facebook message July 30, Clark confirmed he has "been talking to them for a while" and that he has discussed sponsorship possibilities with Bowlmor AMF's VP of Marketing, Colie Edison, at the company's Times Square location in New York City. Clark described the meetings as "encouraging."

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