International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame’s Annual Raffle Raises More Than $20K

by Gianmarc Manzione 0

The International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame (IBM/HF) announced last month that its annual raffle, which began in January and concluded at Bowl Expo in June, raised more than $20,000.

Former IBM/HF Board of Directors member Tom Schemm of Schemm Bowling Inc. won the guaranteed $5,000 cash prize, which was drawn at the end of Bowl Expo, and said he usually buys a couple of raffle tickets from the batch that he sells.

“I’ll put my wife’s name or my kids’ names on [the tickets I buy],” said Schemm. “Her name was on tickets, but I don’t think she knew.”

The Schemms donated half of the $5,000 prize back to the IBM/HF.

“The other half goes towards Judy’s travel fund,” said Tom. “She loves to visit with the grandkids.”

All remaining proceeds of the raffle support the IBM/HF.

“Judy and Tom Schemm are long time financial supporters of the IBM/HF,” said IBM/HF Board Secretary Lori Mraz. “Proprietors, industry leaders and bowlers all participate [in the raffle], and we expect next year to be even better.”

Said Bob Gudorf, Chairman of the IBM/HF Board of Trustees: “Bowlers love a good gamble, especially when it goes toward a worthy cause.”

The IBM/HF, which celebrates and preserves bowling’s history, is a non-profit museum funded by visitors, private donations and annual fundraisers. The annual raffle, an initiative that began 20 years ago, supports IBM/HF programs such as the Frame for Frame project to save decaying film stock. For more information about the institution’s Sustaining Membership Program, Museum hours and exhibits, visit

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