BOWLERS JOURNAL INTERNATIONAL offers a wide variety of coaching and instructional articles in its monthly Clinic section. Alongside frequent special features (such as this article that delves into the secret techniques of professional bowlers and their coaches), the following sections appear in print and online. If the header for a particular section is a link, click it for a full listing of all available online articles.

Tenpin Tutor:

Not every instructional article has to be absurdly complicated. That's the premise behind Thomas Madrecki's monthly column, wherein he interviews one of Bowlers Journal's "100 Top Coaches" and distills a lesson in the most direct language possible. A monthly "assignment" also accompanies each article, making it easy for readers to apply their learning on the lanes.

Ask the Coach:

PBA Hall of Famer and long-time Bowlers Journal International contributor Mike McGrath answers real reader questions on an infinite number of bowling subjects. Follow this link to submit a question of your own today — it may be featured in an upcoming issue!

The Pro Approach:

PBA champion and Gold-level coach Bill Spigner analyzes and breaks down the intricate details of top professional bowlers, delivering clear and concise commentary that can in turn benefit your own game.

Par Bowling:

USBC Hall of Famer Tom Kouros, author of bowling's best-selling instructional book of all time, provides unique insight into the physical and mental aspects of the game.

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